NFTs as worldbuilding openings for brands


The saying “ marketers ruin everything” exists for a reason. When a commodity’s cool, it doesn’t take long for marketers to appear and siphon bones from it. The bulk of ingrained NFT collections has brought us to this uncool-Uncle-does-TikTok- cotillion- vids moment. The intriguing systems are outliers, like the adventure-grounded Louis Vuitton game where 30 NFTs designed by artist Beeple are discoverable.

NFTs = another form of worldbuilding

At its core, an NFT is a ticket or passport to a show or world. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital or virtual means that can take on any use applied to them. To me, anyone dealing with an NFT creates a world, whether they know it or not. Whether they planned to or not.

What brands should learn from thriving NFT communities is that NFTs are Web3 access keys to new worlds. In these worlds, brands add a new subcaste to client connections. When marketers grasp that NFTs are passports, their-ha moment arrives. This understanding unlocks the measureless possibilities they can offer their brand culture and guests.

These NFT- led worlds should be treated — and created — with the same position of care and attention to detail that physical stores, websites, musicales, theme premises, and pictures admit. Just as the Apple store immerses us in a terrain, NFTs allow a new subcaste of connection to be established between a dealer and buyer.

The stylish fictional worlds — Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars — are nourished by stories, participating values, and audience. Brands have forgotten to bring strategic liars to their rushed NFT releases. How can this be when the liar is always the starting point for worlds from artists, brands, and votes like Guillermo del Toro, Jay-Z, Barbie, The Beatles, Spongebob Squarepants, James Bond, and LEGO?

Portal to success

How brands approach the creation, launch, and trade of NFTs will determine if they’re worth anything. The evergreen worlds their NFTs can pierce will be the key to earning community trust which will eventually lead to sustainable success.