NFTs as worldbuilding openings for brands

  • Play Videotape
  • The Data Summit 2
  • Doing the needed NFT schoolwork

Diplomatic marketers see beyond the hype around NFTs and know there are further use cases for the technology beyond art and collectibles. Smart marketers are planning NFT debuts by studying how current systems flourish, request, promote themselves, and organically grow without ensigns or backing plutocrats. These strategy-first marketers view Disharmony waiters as classrooms to absorb how token holders and non-holders interact to help each other. They’re also searching for creative and behavioral trends that spark certain NFT systems to smash.

Another prerequisite is considering which blockchain community fits your design. This is done by joining Telegram groups connected to these distant groups. For case, Ethereum is frequently used by artists for one-of-one drops or small collections, while scalable immolations like Polygon and Solana are most espoused by gaming communities.