The Most Famous Currencies


  • What are digital currencies and the most famous types?

There is no difference in the fact that digital currencies are the safe haven and the future of financial transactions, and this is because they are programmed in a way that is almost impossible to hack and they are called Blockchain. We all know that Bitcoin is the godfather of digital currencies, but there are other currencies that are glowing and have a prosperous future.

  1. Ethereum

The Ethereum system is considered a decentralized system, which can resemble a giant computer that works continuously without stopping. Through a group of applications that execute a number of commands according to what is called a smart contract.
Ethereum is not a currency but a system, and the name of its digital currency is “Ether.” The currency is a public open source platform that relies on the blockchain, and performs the function of a smart contract that facilitates the conclusion of a contract on the Internet that mimics traditional contracts in fact, while providing The element of security and trust.

2. ADA Cardano

Cardano (ADA) electronic currency
The Cardano Cardano project is a centralized advanced blockchain system with a modern and advanced cryptocurrency project called (ADA), and the Cardano Cardano team has launched this project with the aim of launching a smart contract platform that allows more features than another existing protocol available in this field. Cardano Project Pianos The Cardano Cardano Project’s goal is to launch the first science-based blockchain platform.
It is worth noting that those in charge of the Cardano Cardano project are a group of the best developers who worked to occupy the Cardano Cardano coin, which made Cardano currency clear, the other digital currency and indeed, worthy, and this appeared, and this appeared from its high price, which confirms that Cardano coin ADA (Cardano) cryptocurrency is one of the currencies with a prosperous future.