5 Tokens expected to duplicate more than 20X in 1 year



What is Saitama coin

The Saitama coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which means it is an ERC-20 token. The SAITAMA token has a deflationary burn-in mechanism that taxes each SAITAMA transaction at 2% – which is then burned.

This design is intended to protect the value of the coins and reward holders in the long run who are constantly building a greater percentage of holding.

SAITAMA also aims to be the primary medium of exchange for upcoming communities in the NFT market. Investors will also receive a percentage of the fees earned on this NFT platform.

Saitama inu Project

Saitama Inu coin was created to give people a chance to be rich. The original owner of this project created this coin so that people like you and I can invest in the token with minimal money and can withdraw with almost zero damage.

After giving up ownership, a group of committed individuals who found the target valuable and influential took over the project and continued to develop it into a symbol that people could remember for life. They said: “We aim to see many changes by this symbol. Our goals are due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and the constant manipulation of “big landlords” to manipulate prices in their favour.”