5 Tokens expected to duplicate more than 20X in 1 year


3- Ape Coin

APE Token – is a digital currency on the Ethereum network, which is used for governance in the APE system to incentivize users to create a decentralized community in a web3 environment.

Urges APE token holders to vote on how the “ApeCoin DAO” ecosystem fund will be used.

Who are the founders of ApeCoin?
ApeCoin was created for use in the growing APE ecosystem, which is supported by the APE Foundation.

ApeCoin DAO is committed to building and maintaining the APE ecosystem in a fair and inclusive manner by providing a collaborative infrastructure for ApeCoin owners through open governance processes.

The Board of Directors of the APE Foundation will implement the decisions of the members of the ApeCoin DAO. The board of directors is responsible for the day-to-day management, accounting, project management, and other tasks that provide the support community ideas need to make them come alive. ApeCoin DAO members vote for board members.

What is the APE Digital Token Project?
ApeCoin is the governance currency of the APE system, allowing coin holders to participate in the ApeCoin DAO and providing its participants with a common, open currency that can be used without central intermediaries.

62% of all ApeCoins have been allocated to the Ecosystem Fund, which will support community initiatives voted on by ApeCoin DAO members.

ApeCoin also allows access to certain parts of the ecosystem that are not otherwise available, such as exclusive games and services. For third-party developers, ApeCoin is a tool for participating in the ecosystem by including ApeCoin in services, games, and other projects.

The APE Foundation received a gift of 1 NFT from Yuga Labs, creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Yuga Labs assigns all rights and franchises to NFT and APE’s core artwork. ApeCoin DAO members can decide how this intellectual property is used.