5 Tokens expected to duplicate more than 20X in 1 year


4- DeHub

What is DeHub
DeHub is the first entertainment wave system and licensed producer of original movies, as well as game productions. This system is provided with a digital currency called DEHUB through open source programming based on Blockchain technology, to vote, fund and profit through a wide range of ways.

The DeHub Complex consists of three main sections :
– DeHubTournetopia:
The best part about gaming
– DeHub Live Technology: It is a technology used to broadcast original movies and live broadcasts.
– DeHub Coin: It is a digital currency that is used within the application for payment and other things.
How DApps work on DeHub ?
– It works with two main branches that present the system as a true entertainment aggregator:

DeHub Tournetopia: It is a gaming platform as mentioned above
DeHub Live: Live Streaming and Production Platform
What is DeHub Tournetopia
It is a section that contains a collection of classic games, slot games and casino games for the purpose of playing and entertainment. Tournetopia mode is entered to challenge any player in any game on the platform, but what games are available?

Competitive Games: It is a variety of games such as 8-ball pool, bowling, chess, etc., which are played with family and friends or compete against other players using the coin bet and the winner gets everything.
Single games: Play mini games, including price predictions, spinners and more.
Sweepstakes: Participate in the daily lottery to win lucrative prizes or bet against the odds and join the league lottery.
Casino: DeHub Casino is a variety of games including poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines.
Betting: Choose your favorite side and bet on sports competitions such as boxing, football, basketball and more.
Tournaments: Participate in DeHub’s in-house gaming tournaments as well as popular games on PC, XBOX and PS4 platforms, featuring games like FIFA, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and many more.
Become a part of the DeHub development team and get to view your developed games in the DApp of the platform and earn from player subscriptions.
DeHub Live
This section enables you to access broadcast content on video and audio platforms such as Theta and YouTube in one place. There will be an emphasis on content related to decentralized finance and education, but what sections are there in it?

Streaming: Access live content from global sources, including live TV series and documentaries, in an ad-free location.
Content Creation: Artists, film makers, live streamers, and others can use the platform to post their videos and get paid on the platform.
DEHUB . coin
Total coin supply: 8,000,000,000,000
DeHub charges a transaction fee which is spread over 3 main features:

– Token distribution to all coin holders
– Buyback (the platform calls it the Robin Hood system)
– Digital Security Asset Rewards to be claimed by App Rewards holders
How is the distribution done ?
– 4% buyback The platform’s buyback system uses collected taxes to be burned right after purchase, increasing the value of the currency.
– Distribution of 4% and 2% to be used as a project reserve.
– 2% Liquidity: 2% is deducted from each transaction that automatically generates more liquidity on the Pancake Swap platform.
– Fair Trading Procedure: No private wallet can sell more than 0.1% of the current stock per day.
– Fair Dilution Measures: No private wallet can hold more than 1% of the total inventory at any time.
How can you buy currency
The digital currency is currently available for purchase on the Pancakeswap platform. Coin price is $0.0034834 (at the time of publication of this article)