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November 28, 2013


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November 28, 2013


A chara

Fergal Hallahan was more right than he imagines (25th November) about the derision accorded anyone with the temerity to accuse Britain of deploying a Military Reaction Force of plain-clothes British troopers who gunned down unarmed nationalists using non-military weapons.

During my years as both editor of the IRISH PEOPLE weekly American newspaper and National Director of Irish Northern Aid, I was tasked with presenting such facts to the American public and especially Congressmen.

The contention we Republicans repeatedly made was that the crown had sent out the MRF, and later wiped British fingerprints from their killings by shifting from the MRF to having the shots fired by loyalist proxies. This tactic had obvious advantages, including avoiding British Army casualties like those inflicted by the IRA at the Four Square Laundry. It allowed the British plausible deniability. Collusion in murders carried out by loyalists could be denied outright or blamed on a cadre of crown force bad apples, no matter how much targeting intelligence, agent control or safe passage the British had supplied.

Britain’s answer to these charges never changed. British officials would declare, self-righteously that “Her Majesty’s government” would never stoop to deploy such a unit. The British Army “yellow card” rules were sacrosanct, they scoffed, and this code was rigorously applied whenever British troopers opened fire. These sanctimonious British denials were believed by the public, politicians and journalists to the extent that this hand-picked death squad remained largely unknown to the public.

Panorama’s programme,”Britain’s Secret Terror Force” proves that Republicans were right about Britain’s deployment of a terror force, the MRF. It proves that those high-ranking British officials who denied that the crown would stoop to such tactics were either deliberately misled by the crown or deliberately misleading others on the crown’s behalf. Members of this British terror squad have no worries that they will face justice for killing unarmed Irish civilians like Daniel Rooney or Patrick McVeigh. They freely boast of their misdeeds, for the television cameras, confident that they enjoy a selective immunity and impunity, not granted Republicans like Gerry McGeough, Seamus Kearney or John Downey.

We Republicans were right about the MRF and just as right about Britain’s tactical shift from the MRF terror force to doing their ‘dirty war’ work through loyalist proxies. Must we await another Panorama documentary before people face the facts about Britain’s complicity with loyalist killers in collusion murders? Must we wait to see members of British forces who directed collusion murders congratulating themselves in televised interviews?


Saturday, October 5
Gerry McGeough speaks with Radio Free Éireann, and does some pitching for WBAI, which is in a serious financial emergency:
Gerry McGeough on Radio Free Éireann

September 16, 2013
Placename Eradication An Assault Upon Our Heritage


A chara,

The case of Seamus Heaney's Anahorish (Irish News 9/9/13) is but one example of a townland that has been "disappeared" by a rampant and seemingly unaccountable pro-English bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, there are many similar cases across the Six-Counties and this blatant assault against our indigenous topographical heritage is by no means confined to townlands. Other Gaelic placenames are being eradicated at an alarming rate, including those of roadways in remote rural areas.

In the staunchly traditional Brantry district of south-east Tyrone locals have struggled for years against a largely faceless, and evidently mindless, bureaucracy in order to retain our centuries-old placenames, which preserve and convey a wealth of historic and topographical information.

One such example is an ancient roadway known for generations immemorial as "The Killorgue". This has been arbitrarily changed to the quintessentially English "Friary Road", without, needless to say, any consultation with the local community about the historic meaning and significance of "The Killorgue", or anything else for that matter.

To compound this cultural obliteration further, signs have been erected at either end of "The Killorgue" identifying it as "Friary Road" and, with the advent of SatNav technology, et al, "An Cill Lorg" will soon only be heard on the lips of a dwindling number of stalwart locals. So, too, went the Irish language.

Surely in this era of so-called cultural equality more can be done to preserve our rich native Gaelic placename heritage.

Is mise,
Gerry McGeough.

March 1, 2013

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" ~ Benjamin Franklin

NOW PASSING STEALTHILY: A Bill allowing judges to exclude lawyers, press, public and even litigants in their own cases from civil hearings.

This bill needs to be defeated!

Dublin Welcome Home Party for Gerry McGeough
February 9 · · Taken at MarbleArch Dublin

Dublin Speech by Gerry McGeough at his Welcome Home Party

2/13/13 Gerry McGeough Thank You

A chairde,

Just want to take this opportunity to thank all who turned out for the great night we had in Dublin last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and it was wonderful to meet-up again with so many old friends, as well as get to see and talk to many more new ones.

The Druids are a magnificent group and richly deserve the accolades they've received for their music and performances. In addition to that they are also really good guys and it was an honour to meet, converse and be photographed with them. Brian, Mick, Anto and all our friends in Dublin did a magnificent job in putting the event together at relatively short notice.

The previous weekend's Fáilte Abhaile in Tyrone is STILL being talked about and I have to thank Damien, Noreen, Barry and all who took part in the organizing for the brilliant night that was enjoyed by everyone in the huge crowd that turned-up.

Once again, the Irish Brigade excelled themselves and it's easy to see why they've remained so popular over the years. Apart from being excellent musicians they are also good personal friends and neighbours and it meant a lot to have them there.

There are so many people that need to be thanked and rest assured that the help and support of one and all during this difficult period of injustice for my family and I are deeply appreciated. May God bestow bountiful blessings upon you.


Gerry McGeough

Gerry McGeough's video has been uploaded again after being removed from Youtube

Gerry McGeough Speaking at his Welcome Home Function 2013, County Tyrone (Youtube video)

On Thursday 7th February the video of Gerry McGeough speaking at his Welcome Home Function in Quinn's Corner was uploaded onto YouTube. Within two days, on Saturday 9th February, it had been removed. Many people from across the world contacted our campaign about this latest British/DUP inspired pathetic attempt at censorship. The video has been uploaded again and re-posted around our various sites.

The Irish News Feb 1 2013

The Irish News Feb 1 2013


Helen McClafferty' speech given on Feb 1 2013 at Gerry McGeough's Welcome Home in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

It it such a pleasure to be in Tyrone to celebrate Gerry’s freedom and to finally meet the co-chairs of the Free Gerry McGeough campaign who have done such a fantastic job in keeping Gerry’s plight in the forefront of the media and never stopped lobbying politicians in the Dail, Stormont, Westminster and the Government of Catalonia.

Congratulations to Damian Herron - Northern Chair, Brian Halpin - Dublin Chair, Luz Retuerta – Catalonia Chair and Moya St. Leger – London Chair, on a campaign well run.

A special thank you to Eamon O’Cuiv, TD Fianna Fail, who courageously took on the responsibility as the International Chairman of the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign. To Pat Ramsey, MLA SDLP, who worked hard to ensure that Gerry, as well as the other political prisoners, were treated with dignity and did what he could to help bring about a settlement to the protests in Maghaberry prison. To Emmet Doyle, Mr. Ramsey’s adviser, who always followed up in a timely fashion to address any infringements upon Gerry’s rights while in prison, especially when it came to ensuring Gerry received his heart medication on time and on a consistent basis. To Mayor Jordi San Jose Buenaventura of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, responsible for getting a motion passed unanimously by all 21 members of his party calling for the immediate release of Gerry McGeough.

To the Irish Americans who supported the Free Gerry McGeough campaign from day one: John McDonagh, Sandy Boyer and Liza Butler of WBAI Radio Free Eireann; Pamela Somers who designed the website and helped to keep it updated on a regular basis for almost 6 years; and Martin Galvin, whose legal advice and input was invaluable throughout the campaign.

To the AOH in America who were so generous in their support of Gerry’s family over the years. To Anthony and Carrie McIntyre of The Pensive Quill, the AOH Tyrone County Board, the National Board of Erin and to all those here and afar who campaigned relentlessly to help free Gerry and to also help bring media attention to those prisoners still unjustly incarcerated by the British Government, I say THANK YOU. It has been my pleasure to work with all of you over the years as the U.S. Chairperson of the Free Gerry McGeough campaign.

Helen McClafferty
US Chair
Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

Saturday, February 2
WBAI's Radio Free Eireann devotes the full hour to a celebration of Gerry McGeough's release from Maghaberry Prison, speaking with Martin Galvin and Gerry himself! Listen or download: Gerry McGeough on Radio Free Eireann

Gerry McGeough Welcome Home Pictures

short videos:

Gerry and Maria with Helen McClafferty

Maria, Gerry, Mr & Mrs. Jordi San Jose from Catalonia, Nora, Luz, Una, Cormac, Lorcan

Gerry, Mayor Jordi San Jose, Maria - Mayor Jordi being given an award from the FGMC

Excellent turnout at Welcome Home Function for Gerry McGeough
by Helen McClafferty
Monday, February 4, 2013

A great night was had by all at the welcome home function for Gerry McGeough. The venue was packed. Several hundred people from East Tyrone, across Ireland and overseas gathered for what was a truly upbeat and energy packed night. The craic, as they say, was absolutely fantastic.

The band, The Irish Brigade, kept us all on our toes with lively rebel music and everyone appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I was really impressed by the turnout and especially the number of young people there.

Damian Herron, northern Chair of the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign and Chairman of the Gerry McGeough Welcome Home Function, emceed the event.

The speeches went over extremely well. I was a little nervous in delivering my speech at first, but the crowd made me feel extremely welcome. I thanked all those who worked so hard on the campaign and for the generous support we received from the AOH in the United States and other supporters across the country and afar.

We had an array of flags displayed around the room which included the Irish Tri-Color, the Stars and Stripes, the Catalan (Senyera) flag, the flag of the state of New Jersey and a Hibernian flag.

Everyone was delighted that Eamon Ó Cuív made it up to the event and delivered a rousing speech.

Martin Galvin’s oratory once again rose to the occasion and was well received by the enthusastic audience present.

Moya St. Leger’s speech was brilliant in its analysis of the injustices perpetrated on Gerry. Jordi San Jose, Mayor of San Fileu in Catalonia, stole the hearts of the people with his praise for the courage of the Irish people.

Luz Retuerta, Maria’s sister, pointed out how they have adopted Ireland as their second country.

Una McGeough excelled herself as always and prompted Eamon Ó Cuív to say “that she was a future politician in the making”.

Gerry McGeough’s speech received a standing ovation and the crowd howled with laughter when he poked fun at his “old friend” DUP MLA Morris Morrow.

Grown men were moved to tears when Gerry touched upon the suffering of the Irish people over the centuries under English rule. At the end of Gerry’s speech he called for the English establishment “to get out of Ireland and for the country to be united and free”. He finished up by invoking the old saying “Ireland was Ireland when England was a pup”. “Ireland will be Ireland when England’s buggered up”.

At the close of the venue, spirits were high when a young lady approached me and said she was the cousin of the late hunger striker Martin Hurson. She told me she hadn’t been to such a positive venue like this in a long time and what a good time she had. She said “I wish there could be more “do’s” like this again, so positive and so upbeat”.

Welcome Home Gerry McGeough - January 29, 2013!

Looking forward to meeting you in person at the Welcome Home Function for Gerry McGeough, February 1st, 2013.

It will be wonderful to finally have the opportunity to meet most of you, who have supported the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign over the years, in person, at the ‘Welcome Home Function’ for Gerry on Friday, February 1st. Please contact Damian Herron for tickets and share this event information with others. Thank you and see you at Quinn’s on the 1st of February.

Helen McClafferty, Chair - USA).

Friday 1st February 2013 – 8:30 pm - Quinn's Corner – Dungannon - Co. Tyrone

Guest Speakers - Music by The Irish Brigade - Raffle Admission by Ticket or Pay at the Door - £10

Gerry McGeough is to be released on 29th January 2013. Please show your support for the McGeough family by attending this venue.

Contact Damian Herron to purchase tickets.

We have just received word that Gerry McGeough will be released on January 29, 2013. Those in the US wishing to attend his now "Welcome Home Party" being held in Tyrone, can contact me for tickets. RSVP by 1/25/13.

The Free Gerry McGeough Campaign wishes to thank everyone who gave so much of their time and support over the years to our campaign for his freedom. God willing, when Gerry walks through Maghaberry's prison gates on January 29th he does not encounter any obstacles to his freedom.

Thank you one and all.

The Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

Free Gerry McGeough Campaign Function
February 1, 2013

Gerry McGeough is expected to be released in early 2013 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. We expect a release date for Gerry to be confirmed within a matter of weeks. However, there are no guarantees that this will be the case. Whatever the outcome, on Friday February 1st 2013, the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign Function shall go ahead. The Free Gerry McGeough Campaign Function 2013 comes with the expectation that this will be our final appeal and we hope with all our hearts that Gerry will be released in 2013. If you are in a position to attend our Campaign Function, RSVP by January 25th 2013. Tickets $20.

If you wish to purchase a ticket or alternatively make a donation please see details below.

If you cannot attend - ticket donations to help Gerry’s wife and 4 children can be made as follows:

PayPal using the ‘donate’ link on our website: Donate Via Paypal

Checks or money order made out to:
Helen McClafferty Hepworth
C/O of the Gerry McGeough Family Fund
Helen McClafferty
3 B River Road
Nutley, NJ 07110

Remember, if you plan to attend, please RSVP by January 25, 2013 to:

PS: For those Irish-Americans who are attending the Bloody Sunday March on January 27, 2013 in Derry, please reserve your tickets now for the Gerry McGeough Function on Friday, February 1st in Tyrone.

Thank you!

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