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Updates 2011

December 22, 2011

Spoke to Gerry today and he had just finished meeting in private with Cardinal Sean Brady who had been visiting prisoners with a wider church delegation. Gerry said the private meeting went very well and Cardinal Brady is doing all he possibly can to help with Gerry’s release. Gerry also wanted members of the AOH to know that Cardinal Brady warmly mentioned the time he was a guest at the AOH Convention held in Pittsburgh back in the late 90’s.

Gerry and his family would like to wish all his supporters in the USA and abroad a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. Gerry’s judicial review has been postponed again until January 6, 2012, at which time we plan to intensify the campaign for his release, and we welcome all of your support.

Helen McClafferty

Statement from Gerry McGeough,
December 18, 2011,
from Maghaberry Prison:

“Judging from the feedback I am getting regarding my continued incarceration and the fact no members of the British forces are being prosecuted for their part in the murder of innocent Irish people; the continued gloating and insults from bigoted Unionist politicians, and the fact the old RUC (Special Branch) are now once again effectively running the PSNI, is causing deep, smoldering resentment among large sections of Irish Catholics here and abroad”.

Gerry McGeough

On Friday I updated everyone about Gerry’s judicial review being put off AGAIN until January 6th. In the update it was mentioned that the involvement of the UDR in the Miami Show band murders and the close ties between members of the force and loyalist sectarian assassinations were exposed. This is the same organization Sammy Brush was a member of – the discredited and bigoted UDR. Will Mr. Brush be calling for the prosecution of his fellow UDR colleagues and those loyalists responsible for this mass murder? How much more obvious could it now be that Gerry McGeough’s incarceration was, and continues to be, personally vindictive and politically motivated?

Members of the British security forces have actually gotten away with murder of innocent Irish people, throughout the history of the troubles, and yet they all continue to escape prosecution while Gerry sits in 23 hour lock up, with no chance of spending Christmas with his wife and 4 children, while the likes of a Sammy Brush, the bigoted DUP, continue to gloat and sling insults at Irish Catholics; and the cold blooded murderers of the British security forces are immune from prosecution?


Helen McClafferty

December 16, 2011
Judicial Review Update:

Gerry McGeough's judicial review to compel his release was on in court again today, and has now been adjourned until January 6-- obviously, Gerry will spend Christmas in Maghaberry.

The hearing had been put over until today, to join Sammy Brush, the UDR member and DUP councillor who was in the gun battle with the IRA , in which he and allegedly Gerry were both wounded in June 1981. Brush was present in the court-- (Gerry was not, as he was not brought to court for the legal application). Brush submitted a written statement that Gerry should receive no leniency or reduction. Brush had been there in Court with senior DUP members Arlene Foster, Maurice Morrow and others when Gerry was jailed on February 11, and while he was in court alone today, there is a concern that the DUP will again put their political weight against Gerry's release. It is noteworthy that two days ago the involvement of the UDR in the Miami Showband murders and the close ties between members of the force and loyalist sectarian assassinations were exposed. It is not clear whether the hearing will be conducted on January 6 on the basis of the legal affidavits

Gerry is in good spirits and growing a beard in solidarity with the protest in Maghaberry, but is still on lockdown 23 hours a day, and denied the two hours of exercise he needs, according to heart specialists.

Thanks from Gerry

December 9, 2011
I would like to thank the 'Irish Republican Collective' for their kind and generous donation to my family in their time of need. Your continued support is much appreciated.


November 20, 2011
Gerry would also like to thank the 'Irish Republican Collective' who marched in Scotland a few weeks ago carrying the 'Free Gerry McGeough' banner.

Your support is greatly appreciated and my family and I ask you to please continue that support of us in our struggle for freedom with justice. God bless.


December 9, 2011

You all know how supportive I have been of Sinn Fein, and I still am. However, I am asking you to contact your contacts with Sinn Fein and ask them to fully support the release of Gerry McGeough.

From the letter from McGeough, I can understand his frustration at being incarcerated, and his anger at Sinn Fein. As I have said on numerous occasions, we are not a rubber stamp for any party, whether here in the US or in Ireland, and when we as an organization are in full support of Gerry to the point of gathering thousands of petitions to release him, then we must ask our friends in Sinn Fein to do no less.

I will be contacting the leadership of Sinn Fein to get their side of the story, and as we know in every situation, there are always at least two sides to every story. I will keep you apprised of developments. I still support the work of Sinn Fein in many of their great works, but when I believe they can do more for an issue, then I have no problem speaking out about it as much as I have spoken out on issues by our Government which adversely effect our organization.

Seamus Boyle
National President Ancient Order of Hibernians in America.

December 9, 2011
Gerry McGeough calls Sinn Fein Leadership's Silence 'a Disgrace'

A delegation from Sinn Fein met with all the groups in Maghaberry the other day, including independent republican Gerry McGeough.

In an ‘extremely robust exchange’, Gerry strongly criticized the Sinn Fein leadership on their shameful silence regarding his situation and accused them of ‘sacrificing him in the interest of their cozy relationship with the DUP’.

Gerry further stated ‘ Sinn Fein leadership’s attitude was in stark contrast to the ordinary membership whose vast and widespread majority members want the party to act on the motion for his immediate release, which was passed at this year’s Ard Fheis’. Gerry also requested that the Sinn Fein leadership demand the immediate arrest and diplock court prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ for the murder of 4 innocent people in Derry on Bloody Sunday.

Gerry wants to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the ‘SINN FEIN LEADERSHIP IS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on his behalf, regardless of whatever yarns they are spinning for their own PR purposes’.

Gerry would like to thank those Sinn Fein members who have worked tirelessly on his behalf, as well as the AOH in the US and abroad, Radio Free Eireann, Eamon O’Cuiv, the Free Gerry McGeough committee and all those supporters who have openly supported him and his family in this serious miscarriage of justice.

Gerry is asking everyone to pull together and speak out about the disgraceful and cowardly silence of the Sinn Fein leadership and to work on his behalf, in unity, for his immediate release.

McGeough Campaign Will Not Play 'Head-Games'

It appears there is another undermining campaign, most likely by British intelligence, to cause division within the Free Gerry McGeough camp. Within the past few weeks, all sorts of rumors have been circulating with the intent to cause friction among active members of this campaign. I just want to say ‘IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN’. Those supporting Gerry, from all different political and even religious affiliations, are working very hard together to ensure his long overdue release from Maghaberry. We will not be deterred. We will not succumb to unsubstantiated rumors, and we will not play your head-games. Those of us, who choose to support Gerry, stand firm in our commitment to justice not only for Gerry and his family, but also for all those wrongly convicted by the British government and their Diplock courts.

Thank you.

Helen McClafferty
Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

Martin Galvin gives a recap of where Gerry's case stands right now in an interview on Radio Free Eireann, WBAI (
Broadcast on Saturday, December 03 2011

Click here to download or listen
(Duration 000:07:20.000 - approx. 3.36 MB)

Legal Challenge to Royal Pardons

At Gerry McGeough’s judicial hearing yesterday, December 1st, Judge Treacy asked “has anyone taken a legal challenge against the decision of the British Secretary of State for having given pardons to other republicans in the past?”

This has the potential to cause massive political upheaval and dangerously destabilize the peace process. If Jim Allister or anyone in the DUP took a legal challenge against these pardons, then the jails will fill up with scores of those who received pardons including high ranking politicians within Sinn Fein.

It is time to release Gerry McGeough NOW and enact immediate legislation to prevent this from happening.

December 3, 2011

The letter below is now the standard ‘form letter’ that is being sent out by Gilmore and Ford’s office. These letters are called ‘cop out letters’. They are your ‘token , polite, brush-off reply letters’. McGeough’s case is being seriously compromised by a Justice Minister who was jointly picked by the DUP and Sinn Fein. David Ford’s “no concessions” for McGeough or any other person wrongfully convicted is due in fact that Sinn Fein gifted him with the post he now uses to ignore and renege on his responsibilities.

Dear Ms. McClafferty,
The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D., has asked me thank you for your correspondence regarding the case of Mr. Gerry McGeough. Mr. McGeough has initiated legal proceedings with a view to obtaining his early release. As the matter is currently before the courts, it would therefore not be appropriate to comment any further at this stage other than to confirm that officials from this Department continue to monitor developments very closely.
Yours sincerely,
Mary Connery
Private Secretary

Status Update on McGeough's Judicial Hearing - December 1st

Gerry's application for release was in court before Justice Treacy on December 1st. The judge declared that the former member of the UDR, Sammy Brush, who was the target of the 1981 IRA ambush for which Gerry was jailed, should be served with legal papers in the event he wished to be heard in the action. The case was then adjourned to December 16, for that purpose.

If the judge agrees to decide the application on the basis of the legal papers, there could be a date for final submission and possibly argument, before the Christmas recess. Even then it is unlikely that a decision would be made until mid-January, at the very earliest. Obviously there could be other adjournments before the application is complete. Meanwhile Gerry remains in Maghaberry.

Please remember his wife and 4 children come this Christmas. Go to if you would like to make a donation.

You can also send Christmas cards to Gerry:
Gerry McGeough
Maghaberry Prison
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper

Thank you.

NOVEMBER 28, 2011


David Ford – Justice Minister for NI and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore. The letter should be on the basis that a line should have been drawn through all outstanding cases in the interest of the peace process. Make sure to include your address on the e-mail. This was advised by Eamon O'Cuiv. PLEASE EVERYONE…WRITE TO THEM TODAY - NO TIME TO WASTE.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore
Phone: 01 6183566

David Ford – Justice Minister for NI


Gerry will appear in court on Thursday, December 1st for his judicial review hearing. This hearing is vital to his release. PLEASE FLOOD THE OFFICES OF PM DAVID CAMERON AND NIS of S OWEN PATERSON WITH EMAILS CALLING FOR GERRY MCGEOUGH’S IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE DEC. 1ST.

• David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA email: or on the form at

• Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, NIO 11 Millbank, London SW1P 4PN Email: or fill in form at


Thank you so much.

November 21, 2011

Letter To Gerry Adams
From Maria Jose McGeough

Dear Mr. Adams:

Can you please tell me why you have not addressed any of the questions put to you in an open letter by Walkinstown Sinn Féin members about what you are doing to help my husband, Gerry McGeough?

I sit back patiently waiting for Sinn Féin to follow through on their promises to help get Gerry released and home to his family, and yet I see no results, only talk.

As you know Mr. Adams, Éamon Ó Cuív, an Irish Fianna Fáil TD, has taken the lead in trying to help my husband, and I personally feel that Sinn Féin should be working hand in hand with this fine gentleman to end the politically motivated incarceration of my husband. You are letting too much time pass while Gerry’s health continues to deteriorate. I would appreciate it if you would kindly respond to the questions asked of you by your own Sinn Féin supporters and let me know what you intend to do to help my husband and our family.

Thank you very much,

Maria Jose McGeough.

TD Criticizes McGeough imprisonment after visit

Monday, 14 November 2011
McGeough appeal heard in court

Lawyers for Gerry McGeough argued on Monday that the authorities knew of his whereabouts for a decade before he was arrested in 2007 over the shooting of ... Read More

Éamon Ó Cuív,the Irish TD who recently visited Gerry McGeough in Maghaberry Prison, is now going to play a leading role in the campaign to free Gerry McGeough.

Radio Free Eireann broadcast an interview with Éamon on Saturday November 12 on WBAI 99.5 FM (

Click here to download or listen (approx. 10 minutes)

November 7, 2011
Éamon Ó Cuív to head up international campaign to release Gerry McGeough

Mr. O’Cuiv is an Irish Fianna Fáil politician and the grandson of Fianna Fáil founder, first Taoiseach and third President of Ireland, Éamon de Valera. Eamon met with Gerry McGeough today in Maghaberry Prison after 4 months of being denied a visit by the Prison Authorities. Hours before Mr. O’Cuiv’s visit, Gerry McGeough was informed that his judicial review hearing, which was postponed last week by the NIO until mid-February, has now been rescheduled to take place on December 1st. The NIO has also just agreed to grant Gerry his Appeal hearing next week.

According to Gerry, they had a very productive meeting/visit and they discussed the protests, the horrible conditions within Maghaberry prison and the current political state of affairs in Ireland and the UK.

Gerry and The Free Gerry McGeough Campaign are thrilled to share this good news with all of his supporters and would like to thank Mr. O’Cuiv for his courage to head up this International campaign.
Gerry is asking that everyone support Mr. O'Cuiv's efforts in obtaining his release.

November 3, 2011

Gerry, a chara,

As you read this letter, Gerry McGeough sits in a prison cell in Maghaberry Jail for being a member of the IRA in the 1970's. Recently Gerry was taken to an external hospital to have another stent put in his heart. The doctors told him that his condition has deteriorated rapidly due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition i.e the dire conditions in Maghaberry Jail.

In light of our recent pledge at the Ard Féis to support Gerry's release, on behalf of the Benny Connolly Cumann (Walkinstown) i would like to ask you: What has Sinn Féin done since the Ard Féis? What do Sinn Féin intend to do? Will Sinn Féin co-operate with Gerry McGeough's legal team? and Who in Sinn Féin is responsible for Gerry's safety?

I trust that you will give this matter the attention it deserves. Sinn Féin members throughout the country are greatly disturbed by this case and we do look forward to your response.

Best wishes -
Brian Halpin, Benny Connolly Cumann, Walkinstown Sinn Féin.

November 1, 2011

Gerry McGeough’s ‘Judicial Review’ has now been postponed by the NIO until February 1, 2012. He won his right to a judicial review in September, yet they refused to schedule his review until December 12, 2011. Now they have added insult to injury by deliberately postponing his right to a review until February 1st, 2012, which would be approximately 5 months from the actual date when he won the right to a review of his case.

Tell me this isn’t a deliberate and vindictive move on the part of the NIO to make sure that Gerry is not given a timely hearing? What the NIO office is hoping for is that Gerry McGeough will die in prison before they are obligated, under the Stormont Agreement (I can no longer call it the Good Friday Agreement) to release him on humanitarian grounds, not to mention his illegal internment.

At present, Roe House is being tested for Hepatitis and other serious diseases, which seriously endanger Gerry’s health even further. It also needs to be noted that Gerry’s wife and 4 children were kept waiting one hour and a half last week for their weekly visit to see Gerry, and were only given 10 minutes to visit on the day of his daughter’s 11th birthday. Tell me this isn’t additional and deliberate harassment by the prison authorities to ensure that McGeough and his family be ‘kept in their Irish place’!

So, tell me…what are you going to do about it over there? Sit back and take it? Sit back and let a fellow Irish republican die in prison at the hands of the English?

Sinn Fein said they were ‘on top of the McGeough case and demanded his immediate release’…does it look like that to you now? I have tried to be fair in my reporting of those in power who are supporting the McGeough family, but now that push comes to shove….what is Sinn Fein, the most powerful political party in the north, actually doing for McGeough? If the ‘powers that be’ were really on top of this issue…why the further delay in Gerry’s case hearing?

Let’s get real here. My intentions are not to ‘offend’ any political party, but the McGeough family is being sold a ‘bill of goods’ by those in power and this further delay in Gerry’s judicial review hearing is proof of the pudding. As I’ve always said…ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! Anyone can make a ‘press statement’ supporting whatever they want and make it sound good, but where is the follow-through? What have any of the political parties delivered to date?

As an Irish-American, who has been politically active since 1969 in supporting civil and human rights in the north of Ireland and a re-united Ireland, and who actually lived illegally in the north for 2 ½ years during the hunger strikes, I am shocked at the lack of cohesive and consistent support for the McGeough family. Since the signing of the Stormont Agreement the war may be over, but in my opinion this ‘Agreement’ only helped to further silence Irish republicans. It appears that since that ‘Agreement’, everyone is afraid of their own shadow, to the point where the majority won’t even speak out about this injustice.

The McGeough family deserves more than what they have been dealt, and it’s up to you to do the right thing to help them, regardless of your political affiliations. It took the Diplock court 3½ years to bring Gerry to trial, and the NIO is now trying to ensure he never gets his legally won ‘judicial review’ hearing. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE!

October 29, 2011

British Agent Within Sinn Fein Targeted McGeough

The recent revelations of a British agent working as an aide in Sinn Fein, explain the action taken against Gerry McGeough in the 2007 election as well as the subsequent years of character assassination and attempts to denigrate him politically. His arrest after the 2007 election and his 20 year sentence handed down by the Diplock court was a deliberate political act to censor him. Gerry’s arrest and incarceration on 37-year-old charges has not only censored him, but it has also rendered him helpless with regard to ever being able to go back to teaching.

The selective persecution of a man who supports peace, husband and father of 4, graduate of Trinity College, President of the Tyrone County Board of the AOH and cardiac patient, runs counter to the Good Friday Agreement. The British government doesn’t give a damn about Irish human life. The English treat their dogs better than they do Irishmen, woman and children. It’s up to you and me and all those who want to see justice done to get involved in the ‘Release McGeough Campaign’.

Gerry’s now proven political arrest and incarceration is a disgrace and YOU should all be outraged about it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! ACTION IS REQUIRED and you have all been advised on what you can do to help Gerry and his family. You have been given the information/details on numerous occasions, so now it’s time to follow through on your support and promises. PLEASE DO IT NOW!

Thank you.

Please write and ask them to 'intervene' on behalf of Gerry McGeough:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Office of Tony Blair
P.O. Box 60519
W2 7JU
United Kingdom

Owen Paterson
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Office
Stormont House
Stormont Estate
Belfast, NI BT43SH
Tel # 028-9052-0700

David Cameron
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Tuesday, October 25
Gerry McGeough made the following comments this morning regarding the article below:

EVERYBODY knew the July 17, 2000 convention in Clogher, Tyrone was a sham, and that it was rigged.

I always suspected British intelligence was working in the background, and this article now confirms my suspicions.

Furthermore, when I was arrested on 32-year-old ‘Troubles’ -related charges at the Count Center in Omagh during the 2007 elections, where I ran as an Independent candidate, the PSNI publicly stated that they arrested me that day because they couldn’t find me for all these years.

However, one of their own British agents (Denis Donaldson), a close aide within Sinn Fein, had been working to undermine my position as a Sinn Fein national executive (Ard Chomhairle) member back then.

So, let me ask the PSNI now…Why didn’t you arrest me in 2000 when you had the opportunity... when you had known my whereabouts from 2000 on?

Since my arrest in 2007, I have been victimized and silenced, and this was all done behind the scenes, starting back with the 2000 elections. This is an international scandal, and only proves to show that my arrest and incarceration was nothing more than politically motivated.

I am asking that everyone write to David Cameron and Owen Paterson demanding my immediate release.

Gerry McGeough

Unspoken lessons from Northern Ireland's peace process
The Guardian

Meanwhile, one of Gerry Adams's closest aides in Sinn Féin... was instrumental in preventing IRA gunrunner Gerry McGeough from getting the nomination to... Read more

Radio Free Eireann's interview with Attorney Martin Galvin on October 8 2011, in which he talks about Gerry McGeough's deteriorating heart condition. Click here to download or listen

McGeough's Heart Health is Deteriorating

On September 28, 2011, Gerry McGeough was taken to hospital, where another stent was put in and he was immediately returned to prison. He is tired and not feeling well. The doctors are now further attributing his heart deterioration to the fact that he is not getting his heart medication on a consistent basis, and they discovered that on occasion he was given the wrong medication. He is also suffering from a lack of exercise, proper diet and stress. Some of the stents that were put in after his first and second heart attacks are starting to close, which could result in him having a massive heart attack. Gerry is also incarcerated under very unsanitary conditions within the prison. When I spoke to him today, he was weak and his voice was faint.

The treatment of Gerry McGeough by the prison authorities and the NIO is sick and demented. However, I also find especially inexcusable the failure of the clergy to confront this atrocious inhumanity towards Gerry McGeough.

What has the Catholic clergy in Ireland and the UK done for Gerry McGeough during his time of need? Gerry has always been a defender of the Catholic faith. He is President of the Tyrone County Board of the AOH. Past editor of the Hibernian Magazine for Faith & Country.Teacher. Author. And most importantly, husband and father of four children.

After the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Gerry lived a peaceful existence with his family in the north of Ireland, until he ran in the 2007 Assembly elections as an Independent, when he was arrested on then 32 year old troubles-related charges.

In May, 2011, I wrote to Cardinal Brady asking him to use his good office to help free Gerry McGeough on a humanitarian basis. In July, Cardinal Brady's representative visited with Gerry in Maghaberry prison. Unfortunately though, there has been no follow-up from the Archbishop's office to date. Gerry and his wife have not heard back from the Archbishop's office since that visit in July?

I am asking you to please contact your clergy regarding this matter and tell them that you expect them to speak out about this inhumane treatment of Gerry McGeough. You can also email Cardinal Brady's private secretary, Fr. John Connolly,, and ask him 'what is the Archbishop's office doing to help Gerry McGeough?

Your immediate attention to this request is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Helen McClafferty

October 5, 2011


I would like to know for how long the BBC are going to abide by the media blackout on the story of Gerry McGeough, at present in HMP Maghaberry in Co. Antrim? He has just had more heart surgery. How will the BBC report this matter if he dies in prison? Is this what the British government wants, knowing that if McGeough dies in prison, there would be big trouble on the ground?

Restricting coverage of a story for security reasons is vital at times, but is this such a time? Would it not be up to the BBC to challenge the media blackout on this story? Surely the trial and imprisonment of a famous and brilliant 53-year-old Irish Republican, a graduate of Trinity College, for a shooting 30 years ago of a UDR man in which no-one was killed but in which both he and his victim were injured, runs counter to the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement? The fact that he has 4 children of 10 and under and is a cardiac patient is surely enough 'human interest' to this story, even if the politics are of no interest to the people of England!

Gerry Adams calls this case 'an anomaly'. A cabinet minister in the last Irish government has been trying to visit McGeough but has been refused admittance to Maghaberry. In July PQs were tabled in the Dail about this case, yet the BBC remains silent.

How can the media’s silence about this case be justified?

September 29, 2011

Gerry was taken to hospital yesterday, another stent put in, and he has been returned to prison. He is in a great deal of pain, tired and not feeling well. The doctors at the hospital said that he would have had another heart attack if he hadn't been taken to hospital as soon as he was. The doctors are now attributing his poor health, heart wise, to the fact that he is not getting his heart medication on a consistent basis and they discovered that on occasion he was given the wrong medication. He is also suffering from lack of exercise, the proper diet, stress; and the unsanitary conditions within the prison is not helping his condition by any means.

Gerry did say “the hospital staff was wonderful and treated me extremely well”. Upon Gerry's departure, the staff wished him well and said they hoped he would be released soon.


Reach out to all the Human Rights organizations and ask them to be 'pro-active' in getting Gerry released due to serious health issue.

Please get busy. Thank you.

Helen McClafferty

Statement from Gerry McGeough
September 22, 2011

‘Credit Where Credit Is Due’

“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all those who are working so hard to build-up a broad based, non-party political, humanitarian campaign, which will ultimately be successful. I would also like to extend my gratitude to those members of Sinn Fein, particularly in the Dublin area, who continue to do trojan work in bringing attention to their political party regarding the gross injustice of my imprisonment. To all of you, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Keep up the great work and god bless.”

Gerry McGeough

Statement from Gerry McGeough on September 19, 2011 regarding Martin McGuinness

“I am asking Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness to issue a public statement for my immediate release as my incarceration makes a mockery of the peace process. If he does this, then I will wish him well in the race. I urge people to ensure that this grotesque injustice against me and my family be made into an issue throughout this Presidential election campaign.”

Gerry McGeough

Gerry has also been informed, by an outside doctor, that he will not be moved to hospital before the end of October as there has been a mix up with his health records which will delay his move for follow up medical treatment. Gerry also mentioned that he is not getting his mail in a timely fashion anymore. He has not received any of the letters I have written him in the month of August yet? He feels this is a further attempt by the screws to keep him in isolation from what’s going on outside.

Boston College Subpoena News

Write to your Congressman and Senators demanding they put a stop to this outrageous attack on Boston College at the request of the infamous RUC/PSNI.

September 15, 2011
Gerry calls on Owen Paterson and David Cameron to "release him immediately"

Gerry McGeough has called for his immediate release and said the British Army’s apology for the murder of an innocent man by a British soldier is “political hypocrisy” since the soldier is not being prosecuted for the murder. “Is there justice or not?” asks Gerry. Gerry wants to know how the British government can justify his incarceration for membership in the IRA in 1975 and yet allow this soldier to go un prosecuted for committing murder in 1971? As the article below reads: “RUC chief superintendent in the city, Frank Lagan, said the soldier responsible should have been charged with murder”.

Gerry asks that everyone write to Own Paterson and David Cameron demanding his immediate release. Please reference this story/incident when contacting them.

Owen Paterson
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Office
Stormont House
Stormont Estate
Belfast, NI BT43SH
Tel # 028-9052-0700

David Cameron
Prime Minister

10 Downing Street

You can fax the Prime Minister on 020 7925 0918. (From outside the UK, the number is +442079250918)

Army apologises for shooting man

The Chief of the General Staff of the British Army sends an official apology to the family of a man shot dead by a soldier in Londonderry in 1971.

September 10, 2011
Gerry McGeough's health in jeopardy

Gerry called this morning to advise that several doctors affiliated with Maghaberry prison have made a decision to move Gerry McGeough to a hospital as they feel he now needs specialized attention with regard to his heart. He will be moved 'secretly' within the coming weeks or as early as tomorrow? He has not been told exactly when. Please keep Gerry in your prayers and PLEASE do everything in your power to get the NIO to release him and return him to his wife and 4 children immediately. Gerry stated that the conditions at Maghaberry prison aren't fit for pigs let alone human beings. The prison is a breeding ground for disease and inhumane treatment. Thank you.

Gerry McGeough thanks Sinn Féin members who supported the motion calling on their party to campaign for his release!

A Chairde,

Warmest greetings to you all! A common question that students of the Second World War often ask their teachers is: Why did the German people remain silent? Why did they not speak out when the trains began to roll into the concentration camps? Why indeed?

On a cold, dark and wet Friday afternoon in February of this year 2011, my four young children huddled outside the bleak facade of Belfast's High Court. Only moments earlier, an English judge, presiding over a corrupt Diplock Court, had ordered that their Daddy be chained and hauled off to jail for 20 years on the grounds that he was allegedly a member of the IRA in 1975 and that as an IRA volunteer, he allegedly wounded a UDR man during the Hunger Strikes in 1981. These children, the youngest being just 2 and all born since the year 2000, had become the latest victims of a conflict that was supposed to have ended with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

A few yards from where they stood crying uncontrollably, a clutch of vile, bitter, anti-republican and anti-GFA unionists smirked and gloated before the T.V cameras; beside themselves with excitement at the blow they perceived they had dealt the republican movement in Tyrone.

As they get older in the years to come, these children will reflect on this great trauma in their lives. They will remember not just that day but the four previous years of legal limbo when their father had to stand virtually alone against the might of British injustice in Ireland and how this impacted upon family life. They will also recall the sad, weekly visits to jail during a time when we had all been promised the joyful sound of the "laughter of our children"

And when they discover that throughout all this time some republicans remained silent they will ask the obvious question, Why? Why did they not speak out against this grotesque injustice as it was being perpetrated against our family?

As a fellow republican, I would like to thank all those individual members of Sinn Féin who have so graciously campaigned for my freedom. You have recognised the dangers that my imprisonment poses to us all and to the peace process that we have struggled so hard to achieve. This year it is me. Next year it could be one of you and then the entire republican movement after that, if we are not watchful.

There are those whom we euphemistically call the "securocrats" who are intent upon claiming back the gains of 1998. Their mission statement is quite simple: "Croppies lie down". Through their political persecution of me they have sought to silence and intimidate all republicans and undermine the Peace Process. Do not let them succeed. I urge you to speak out in the name of true justice and show that we cannot brow-beaten. Republican friendship, unity and solidarity runs deep and the days of croppies lie down are long gone.

Thank you all for your support,
Gerry McGeough

Gerry McGeough outraged at judicial hearing date!

by Helen McClafferty
Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spoke to Gerry again today. He is outraged by the decision of the NIO to postpone his hearing until December 12th especially since he won the right to a judicial review of his case in July. He feels this is nothing more than the NIO procrastinating in order to keep him in prison.

He also commented on the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter’s letters, regarding his case, saying “it’s nonsense and that the Minister of Justice for Ireland can and should get involved with his case as Gerry is also an Irish citizen and the offenses he was charged with, in the discredited Diplock courts, are over 35 years old.

Gerry also feels the country is overrun with Human and Civil Rights organizations that are well paid, well financed, ‘do nothings’. Gerry wants to know “what have any of these organizations done to help him, the POWs in Maghaberry, or even Brendan Lillis before his release?”

Gerry said it was “‘the courage and determination of the people who got Brendan Lillis released – no one else”. He feels the money these HR and CR organizations are getting to ‘do nothing’ should be redirected to hospitals where he feels it would be put to better use”.

Gerry asks that we continue to protest his internment and not to be ‘put-off’ by such blatant indifference by any TDs or MLA.

From: Gerry Adams
To: mcclafferty32
Sent: Thu, Sep 1, 2011 5:51 am
Subject: Re: Gerry McGeough



Helen, a chara,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding Gerry McGeough.

It is our firm view that this prosecution should not have happened. The offences for which Gerry McGeough was convicted fell under the terms os the Good Friday Agreement.

Had Gerry McGeough been imprisoned at the time of the Good Friday Agreement he would have qualified for release.

It is clear that an anomaly has arisen around some of these historical cases a fact acknowledged by the British Government some time ago along with a commitment to rectify the situation. You will not be surprised to know that they have thus far refused to honour that commitment.

Sinn Féin is also pressing the Irish Government who are co-signators to the Good Friday Agreement to honour it's obligations and to press the British on this issue.

It is Sinn Féin's belief that Gerry McGeough should be released and allowed to return to this family in County Tyrone and we have made this clear publicly and in our contacts with the British Government.

I trust you find information helpful.

Is mise le meas,

Gerry Adams TD
Sinn Féin Party President
TD for Louth & East Meath

Date: 25/08/2011 04:39
Subject: Gerry McGeough

Dear Mr. Adams:

Gerry McGeough has won a Judicial Review of his case and I ask that you use your good office and tell the NIO to grant Gerry McGeough an immediate release and send him home to his wife and four children - no strings attached!

I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply.

Thank you.

Helen McClafferty

On July 5, 2011, Eamon O Cuiv TD, former cabinet minister in the last FF government asked two parliamentary questions about Gerry McGeough in the Dail.

1) “To ask the Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs why a prisoner (details given) who is being held in Maghaberry Prison in Lisburn, Co Antrim is not covered under the Terms of the Good Friday Agreement and will he make a statement on the matter”.

The Minister’s Reply:

“The provisions of the Good Friday Agreement relate to the release of prisoners who were convicted prior to the Agreement for offences committed prior to 1998. The provisions do not relate to people that were convicted or committed offences after that date”.

2) “To ask the Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs has he or his Department made any representation that a prisoner (details given) who is being held in Maghaberry Prison in Northern Ireland and who is in bad health be released on humanitarian grounds and will he make a statement on the matter”.

The Minister’s Reply:

“I am aware of the case mentioned by the Deputy. I understand that the prisoner has initiated legal proceedings seeking early release. Because this matter is before the courts it would be improper of me to say more than that my officials continue to monitor the case”.

The above questions and answers were written Parliamentary questions. All questions put to government ministers in the Irish and British parliaments, whether oral or written are logged in the parliamentary records, so now Gerry McGeough is formerly recorded in the annals of Irish history.

In writing your emails to the TDs and the MLAs please bring this matter to their attention. There is absolutely no way anyone in the Irish or British government can say they know nothing of Gerry’s case. What is most important is the fact that Gerry McGeough had not committed any offences after the Good Friday Agreement yet that was never taken into consideration in the Diplock court. Please highlight this fact when contacting the Irish and British governments.

Dessie Ellis, Teachta Dála
Baile Átha Cliath Siar óThuaidh
Guthán: (01) 618 3006
Riomh Phoist:

Dear Mary,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me regarding Gerry McGeough.
I am unequivocal that the arrest and prosecution of Gerry should never have taken place.
The activities for which he was arrested and taken to Maghaberry Prison for fall directly under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.
Had Gerry McGeough been in prison at the time of the Good Friday agreement he would have qualified for release.
Gerry should be released and allow to return home to his wife and children immediately.
It is a condition of the GFA that if someone who falls under the GFA was arrested that they had to be released in the 2 year time frame.
Sinn Fein delegations have met with Gerry McGeough in Maghaberry and have also raised his case with both governments.
I for my own part will continue to push for his release and will make representations prior to his Judicial Review in September.

Is mise le meas

Dessie Ellis.

August 6, 2011 - Monica McWilliams and Virginia McVea of the Human Rights Commission visited with Gerry about his case and the shocking conditions of the political wing in Maghaberry prison.

Gerry called again yesterday to advise that after his meeting with Cardinal Brady’s secretary last week, the prisoners, who engaged in the dirty protest, were released for 2 hours of exercise yesterday after being locked up 24/7 for weeks. Also, Monica McWilliams and Virginia McVea of the Human Rights Commission visited with Gerry yesterday to discuss the conditions of the prison and Gerry’s case. Both women were obliged to wear protective clothing for health reasons and were shocked when they saw the condition of the political wing at Maghaberry. Gerry would also like to thank Sinn Fein Cumann, especially in the Dublin area, who has been forwarding motions on his behalf for the Ard Fheis. Gerry is in good spirits and continuously wants to let everyone know how much he appreciates everyone’s support and especially their efforts on his behalf. Gerry will let us know as soon as a date has been set for his upcoming Judicial Review in September.

August 5, 2011 - Cardinal Brady's Secretary meets with Gerry McGeough in Maghaberry Prison

Gerry called today to advise that Cardinal Brady's secretary paid him a visit the other day and Gerry requested that the Cardinal intervene directly to resolve the Brendan Lillis matter and the protests in the prison. He also discussed his own case with the Cardinal's secretary.


It has been said that Republicans who do not view joining Britain’s Stormont administration as a means to end British rule, are permitted to disagree. Those holding such views require no such permission, any more than would their commitment to a united Ireland need the terms of the Good Friday deal to become a legitimate aspiration. The script usually follows with a challenge to put it to the test at elections, in words reminiscent of John Hume or Gerry Fitt during the years when the SDLP claimed to be the elected representatives speaking for the community.

This challenge, and boasts about a new era of justice were literally put on trial in a Belfast Courtroom in the case of Gerry McGeough. It was a trial conducted after the appointment of a compromised justice ministry, agreed by the DUP and Sinn Fein. All of the constabulary boards and partnerships which were touted as safeguards of this new era of justice were clearly in place. Such claims were in the dock alongside the Tyrone Republican. The verdict is clear.


The arrest, trial and 20 year sentence imposed in the case of Gerry McGeough seem far less to do with events of thirty years ago, than with retaliation for his actions in March 2007 and his temerity in standing for election as an Independent Republican, opposed to any embrace of a re-branded Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Gerry McGeough, now over fifty, married and settled with four young children, was charged with joining the Provisional IRA in 1975 at age seventeen, and in the midst of the 1981 Hunger Strike, taking part in an IRA ambush of an armed member of the UDR, in which McGeough was seriously wounded.

He could have been arrested more than 20 years earlier simply by lodging an extradition warrant during his four years of imprisonment for the IRA in a notorious German bunker prison, or later during the three years spent imprisoned in the United States on IRA related weapons charges. Nor were charges made when he returned to live openly in Tyrone, nor even as he campaigned in BBC studio debates, at public rallies, or speeches given outside constabulary barracks with his campaign posters prominently displayed. Instead the crown moved against him only in March 2007, outside the polling centre where his votes were being tallied.

Why was Gerry McGeough singled out, at a time when former senior IRA members are part of a British Stormont Administration?

The explanation seems unmistakable. Gerry McGeough was the victim of a retaliatory arrest which brought new meaning to the phrase political policing. His arrest was intended to stop him from standing again as an Independent Republican, and perhaps more importantly as a message to other veteran Republicans, who had earned their stripes in the struggle and might consider putting it to the test at elections. If you stand for election as an Independent Republican, decades old charges will be trumped up against you.


McGeough’s solicitors believed that the thirty year delay in bringing charges warranted dismissal as an abuse of process. They were encouraged by a case that seemed to be directly on point under consideration by the very same judge. The family of Nora McCabe, helped by Relatives for Justice, applied for charges against RUC members for her murder on July 9, 1981, and for perjury during the cover-up which followed. RUC members claimed that they fired the fatal plastic bullet in response to rioting, burning vehicles and an attack by petrol bombers. Film taken by a television crew showed none of it was true. Crown Judge Coghlin denied the McCabe family’s application. Too much time had passed, he said. Any charges preferred now after so many years would be a clear abuse of process and inevitably dismissed. While deeply disappointed for the McCabe family, the case seemed to guarantee a dismissal for Gerry McGeough

However Coghlin applied different rules in the case of Gerry McGeough, for an incident which occurred four weeks before Nora McCabe was killed by the RUC. Time and delays here meant nothing. Representatives from British-Irish Rights Watch and the Committee for the Administration of Justice had traveled to the court to monitor the hearing on this crucial issue. Coghlin began the hearing by excluding them from the courtroom.

The pledges from the crown to Mr. McGeough conveyed through Sinn Fein that he was free to return to Tyrone were discarded. Delays were McGeough’s fault. He was somehow faulted that no extradition warrant was filed or that no attempt to arrest him was made at his home or at campaign events and debates. Meanwhile RUC members were excused for colluding in the ongoing cover-up of Nora McCabe’s murder. If the vaunted safeguards of a compromised justice ministry, constabulary boards and partnerships mean anything in bringing justice to nationalists, how can the same judges still bend the same rules in favor of the RUC and across the backs of nationalists?


During the period from his arrest until last February’s sentence, the British government acknowledged several murders and murder cover-ups of innocent nationalists committed by crown forces. When Cameron euphemistically called the Bloody Sunday murders, unjustified and unjustifiable killings, he was tacitly admitting that British troopers had committed crimes of murder or manslaughter, and that their sworn testimony before Widgery or Saville was perjury. No arrests of any of these troopers followed. The crown apologized to the family of 12 year old Majella O’Hare, murdered as she walked to confession. While admitting that sworn testimony about IRA snipers and crossfire was false, the crown made no arrests of those troopers for a murder cover-up. No one expects arrests of any members of the British Army or RUC who colluded in murders by their loyalist agents or tortured nationalists at interrogation centers and then sent them to Long Kesh or Armagh, with perjured accounts of voluntary confessions. Clearly the crown has bestowed an amnesty on members of the British Army and RUC that does not extend to those Republicans like Gerry McGeough who speak against the British administration.


A Diplock trial was ordered. Those tasked with drawing up repressive British laws often seem to choose their terms with a deliberate sense of irony. Words like ‘temporary’, ‘emergency’ or ‘special’ invariably create provisions and powers which are permanent, lasting and routinely used.

Diplock Courts were deliberately created to replace Internment, with a sham trial that could be counted upon to dispose of Republican opponents. Diplock Courts were abolished, as British secretary Owen Patterson emphasized, in responding to an inquiry from then MEP Joseph Higgins. Abolished of course means never used except in each and every case where the crown deems them useful.

The evidence was such that only a Diplock Court would entertain much less credit. There was no identification by any witness. McGeough was forcibly stripped and photographed after his arrest. Photos of an old wound were displayed as the crown speculated that it might possibly be a bullet wound, and possibly sustained in 1981.

A bullet fragment with no forensics or DNA link to McGeough was introduced. The smashed fragment may or may not have been the same caliber fired by then UDR member Sammy Brush. A key Garda witness, known as the “The Badger”, was described by former MI6 officer Fred Holroyd as someone with ties to British intelligence. When asked about his these links with British intelligence the “Badger” refused to answer.

Pages from a fictional book authored by Gerry McGeough were read into the record as evidence. Finally a political asylum application, whose confidentiality is a cornerstone of international law, was admitted without hesitation.

During the trial McGeough suffered two heart attacks. The judge ordered constables to view him at the hospital where he was confined and retrieve his medical records. In 1916, British commanders monitored the work of doctors to keep James Connolly alive until troopers could shoot him. Here it seems that the crown judge feared Gerry McGeough might die from a heart attack before being sent to prison. The verdict was a foregone conclusion. The flimsy evidence somehow became inescapable proof of guilt. The crown judge would not delay jailing McGeough for medical documents but directed that he be taken forthwith to Maghaberry. Senior DUP members who attended the trial expressed joy that the judge had delivered for them.


Thirty years ago Republican political prisoners were in the midst of a Hunger Strike in Long Kesh. It had been forced on the prisoners by years of beatings and brutality, much of it accompanying mirror searches or strip-searches of the prisoners. Today in Maghaberry the same sort of brutal strip-searches are being inflicted, despite an agreement last August that the practice would be halted. On his day of sentence McGeough was subjected to such a search. He was brought to hospital instead of court. His solicitors noted that brutality of this type could be life threatening. Again the compromised justice ministry or Stormont offices brought no protection to Republican prisoners facing the same sort of callous brutality that Brendan Hughes and Bobby Sands resisted.

He was sentenced by video-link and was not brought to the court. The judge imposed a twenty year sentence, angry that Gerry McGeough expressed no remorse for IRA membership. It is said that he will only serve two years. To paraphrase the old saying made famous by Ernie O’Malley, it is easy to sleep on another man’s two years.

However the early release provided by the Good Friday deal is by no means guaranteed. Already Republicans have seen such releases arbitrarily revoked and license used as a license to jail at will in cases like those of Marian Price, Terry McCafferty and Martin Corey. No one who has followed this case would be surprised if still more injustice awaits Gerry McGeough.

PostScript: Following the publication of this article Gerry McGeough was granted a judicial review of his claim that he should have been credited with the three years served in America for IRA offenses in the 1990s and immediately released under the GFA.A schedule for briefs and proceedings will be set in September.

Martin Galvin, Esq.

July 13, 2011 - Socialist Party TDs in Dáil Eireann call for an immediate pardon for Gerry McGeough

Dear Minister,

I am write to you following representations made to us by supporters of Gerry McGeough who was last year put on trial for the shooting and injuring of a member of the UDR in 1981. In previous correspondence between my party colleague Joe Higgins (then an MEP now a TD) and the Northern Ireland Office we contended, notwithstanding political differences with him, that the prosecution of Gerry McGeough and the hearing of his case in a non jury court contravened the Good Friday Agreement.

Gerry McGeough has since been successful in obtaining a judicial review into his case which we gather will be conducted in September. In the interim we call on you to arrange for Gerry McGeough to receive a Royal pardon rather than have him endure further months of harsh conditions in Maghaberry prison.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Daly TD
Dáil Eireann
Dublin 2

July 8, 2011

Gerry called this morning. The court has agreed to allow Gerry McGeough his Judicial Review. This is the first bit of good news Gerry and his family has had since his arrest in 2007. Gerry wants to thank everyone who continues to work so hard on him and his family's behalf. He said he is so appreciative to have such a good attorney, good friends and such wonderful, caring and principled supporters behind him. Keep the fires burning until Gerry is a free man.

Thanks, Helen McClafferty

The Irish Echo
July 7th, 2011

Britannia still rules the media, if not the waves

By Michael Cummings

July 1, 2011

Gerry is not looking for the Queen's pardon. He is looking for Justice!

Gerry called me again today and wants everyone to know that he is not looking for the “Queen’s Pardon” and does not recognize such a pardon. That is a term used by pro-British media. His attorney is seeking the same “Amnesty” for Gerry that was issued to some 50 Provisionals under the GFA. Gerry would have never seen the inside of a prison if it weren't for the English occupation of his country. Gerry did not receive a fair trial as he was tried under the infamous Diplock court and the whole trial and incarceration is a political sham. Gerry was in high spirits and he is proud to be an Irishman who served his country and promotes his Catholic faith. Today Gerry’s attorney went to court to see if the judge will grant Gerry a ‘judicial review’ of his case. Gerry’s last words to me this morning were that “he will get justice!”

Helen McClafferty

June 29, 2011
Gerry McGeough launches appeal for Queen's pardon

A former IRA man jailed for the attempted murder of an off-duty UDR soldier 30 years ago should be freed under a special pardon granted by the Queen, the High Court heard on Wednesday.

Lawyers for Gerry McGeough have launched judicial review proceedings in a bid to obtain a Royal Prerogative of Mercy.

The 52-year-old, from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, is serving a 20-year sentence imposed earlier this year for shooting Samuel Brush. Mr Brush, who worked as a postman at the time, was making a delivery near Aughnacloy when he was attacked in June 1981.

McGeough was convicted of his attempted murder, possession of a firearm and ammunition, and IRA membership.

His barrister argued today that he should now be granted the special mercy warrant to ensure equal treatment with other convicted terrorists who have benefited from it.

It was claimed that it would be unlawful to draw a distinction because McGeough was previously jailed abroad.

He was held for four years in German prisons for alleged attacks against the British Army in Europe during the 1980s.

McGeough was later extradited to the United States and imprisoned for three years in connection with weapons offences.

Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement he is expected to be released in two years time following his conviction for the attack on Mr Brush.

His legal team contend that the time he spent behind bars abroad should count towards that period.

Barrister Sean Devine argued that McGeough was in an indistinguishable position from others who have received the Royal Prerogative of Mercy.

He told the court: "It's slightly distasteful on one view, but that's the problem with the Good Friday Agreement.

"That's the outworkings of any political agreement."

Mr Devine added: "Although he has had on any view a good result in the sense he was convicted of serious offences and will only have to serve two years for it, that's not the only issue here."

After hearing arguments the judge reserved his decision on whether to grant leave to seek a judicial review.

Mr Justice Treacy said he would give his verdict next week after considering counsels' submissions.

BBC Northern Ireland

June 16, 2011

Please go to the new Free Gerry McGeough Campaign facebook page and sign up to be a member if you haven't done so already:!/home.php?sk=group_216929505004628

The groundswell of support calling for Gerry McGeough's immediate release from prison is growing and your continued support is not only appreciated but necessary. Gerry is being denied his heart medication and has been sent to hospital twice since his incarceration a few months ago.

The conditions at Maghaberry prison for POWs are only getting worse and the prison authorities are not addressing these issues. Gerry has suffered two heart attacks since his arrest 4 years ago and the screws are messing with him not only emotionally but now physically. We NEED to get him released before they kill him in prison. Your support of Gerry to date has given him and his family hope, but now the campaign needs even a greater amount of support in order to achieve Gerry's immediate freedom and put a stop to the continued British injustice and inhumane treatment of Gerry and the other POWs in Maghaberry prison.

Again, thank you for your support over these past 4 years and I hope you will continue to be part of the Free Gerry McGeough Campaign until our goals are accomplished. You can also check for updates on this continued campaign on the web site where you can also make a donation through paypal to help Gerry’s wife and 4 children during his incarceration. Thanks again for all you do!

Helen McClafferty

June 3, 2011

Statement By Gerry McGeough

A chairde,

First of all, may i offer my apologies for not being with you tonight. Believe me, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be among friends in Dublin on an occasion such as this.

That said, may i extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you and on behalf of my family, and may i say that your support and solidarity is greatly welcome and most deeply appreciated.

You will undoubtedly be aware of the fact that these are very difficult times in Maghaberry. Standing in a cell ankle deep in filthy water and witnessing nightly encounters with the riot squad, have been some of my more recent experiences.

Regularly, i ask myself What, in the name of God, am i doing in here, and why must my wife and young children have to endure the nightmare that they are going through?

Is this the reality of the new dispensation that is so proudly and indeed arrogantly, boasted of day after day?

It appears that everyone is expected to "move on" and put the past behind us - provided of course that a select few are singled out for scapegoating and full scale persecution. No peace dividend for us; despite being supporters of the "process".

In light of this, i thank the growing number of concerned people who are speaking out on our behalf and who realise that the secrecy, corruption, lies and vindictiveness must be challenged and exposed.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.
Beannachtaí - Gerry McGeough,
Maghaberry Prison

June 3, 2011

Maria, Una and guest band: click to enlarge

Benefit for McGeough Family held on June 3rd 2011 in Dungannon NI. Concert given by the Druids. A successful night for the family.

May 20, 2011
Maghaberry prisoners injured in last night's lockdown.

Gerry called this morning to advise that during last night's physically enforced lockdown, several prisoners wound up with broken arms, legs and noses, beat down by close to 50 prison guards with dogs, dressed in full riot gear, masks, and batons calling the prisoner's "Fenian bastards" and the situation has seriously worsened at Maghaberry.

Although Gerry is not a member of any organization, the prisoners have welcomed Gerry as a 'guest' on the republican wing and they have advised him not to take part in their struggle due to health reasons that could have a negative outcome for Gerry. Since the' dirty protest' by over a dozen prisoners two weeks ago, Gerry's cell is still full of excrement. The prison authorities are planning to continue this brutal 23-24 lockup every night. Gerry said you could hear the Loyalist prisoners cheering on the republican prisoner's as well.

The prison officials are trying to keep the republican prisoners in lockup 23-24 hours a day, which is what has been causing the rioting.

Tryrone Times
Friday May 20, 2011
Victim’s relative calls for justice on anniversary of Dublin Monaghan bombs

A TYRONE relative of the Monaghan and Dublin bomb victims has called for a fresh investigation to be launched into the atrocity which killed 33 people this day 37 years ago. MORE...

May 19, 2011



I am asking everyone of you to PLEASE write, call, fax, email the following key people in the 6 counties and the 26 counties asking them to please use their good office and write a letter to the Northern Ireland Office asking them to issue Gerry McGeough an immediate pardon.

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Gerry has lived a peaceful and productive life. He is an accomplished Irish speaker and a promoter of Ireland's unique culture and heritage. He put himself through university, graduating from Trinity College, Dublin with an Honors Degree in History in 2003. The following year he attained a Higher Diploma in Education from University College, Dublin and went on to teach history. Gerry is the former editor of the Hibernian Magazine, for faith and country, President of the Tyrone County Board of the Ancient Order of Hibernian's and a devoted husband and father of 4 children from the Brantry area of Tyrone.

In the past two years, Gerry has suffered two heart attacks due the stress of a four year long dragged out politically motivated trial ending with a 'guilty verdict' and a 20 year sentence on April 1, 2011. Gerry was and still is a supporter of the peace process and this man should be given an immediate pardon and allowed to return to his family.


Mary McAleese
President of Ireland
Aras an Uachtrain
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8, Ireland
Tel # 353-1-617- 1000
Fax# 353-1-617-1001

An Taoiseach
Enda Kenny
Government Buildings
Merrion Street
Dublin, Ireland
Taoiseach's private office:
Tel # 01-6194020
Fax# 01-6764048

Owen Paterson Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Office
Stormont House
Stormont Estate
Belfast, NI BT43SH
Tel # 028-9052-0700

Mr. Richard Holland
Northern Ireland & International Division
Department of the Taoiseach
Government Buildings
Upper Merrion Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

I ask all members of the Ancient Order of Hibernian's to also contact:

Cardinal Sean Brady
c/o Very Rev. John Connolly
Ara Coeli
Cathedral Road
Armagh, NI BT617QY
Tel # 028-3752-2045
Fax # 028-3752-6182

Asking him to use his good office, as well, to contact the Northern Ireland Office to issue Gerry McGeough an immediate pardon.

Thank you.

Helen McClafferty

May 19, 2011

Last night at 7:30pm 40 prison guards dressed in riot gear with dogs, and batons converged on the prison in order to enforce early lock down. Gerry McGeough was forced into his cell and suffered chest pains where he had to use his heart spray. Immediately after, he was removed from his cell and taken to the doctor.

Benefit at O'Lunney's Pub

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended last night's benefit in support of Gerry McGeough's family and to all those who couldn't make it and sent donations instead. Your kindness and support is very much appreciated by Gerry and his family.

After the benefit was over last night, I stayed up until 3:00am (USA time) in order to call Maria to let her know about the wonderful turnout we had so she could let Gerry know when she and the children visited with him today. I thought it would help to lift his spirits a bit to know how many generous friends and supporters he has back here in the USA. Again, a sincere thanks to all those who helped make this benefit a success for Maria and the children. Continue to keep Gerry and his family in your prayers and don't forget about the two upcoming benefits for Gerry's family:

May 27th - Quinn's Pub in Crumlin Village. The Players Brigade have volunteered the night to help raise funds for Gerry's family and Friday AND June 3 at 8:30pm - June 4 at 1:30am - Location -The Bank House Hotel Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

Helen McClafferty




Attorney Martin Galvin talks about Gerry McGeough's imprisonment on WBAI's Radio Free Eireann show, April 9, 2011. Click here to download/listen

The New York Times May 13, 2011
Secret Archive of Ulster Troubles Faces Subpoena

Britain Demands Sealed Oral Accounts of Irish Conflict ...


McGeough tried to tell everyone that if the British government were allowed to prosecute him in a Diplock Court on 'ancient charges' after the GFA; and if they were successful in incarcerating him. WHO WOULD BE NEXT?

Irish Echo Online:
So why is the queen coming to Ireland?
By Michael Cummings

The Queen of England will visit Ireland next week. The visit, the first by a British monarch since before the Easter Rebellion, is curious for its timing. More..

April 21, 2011
Northern Ireland Office Reneges On Good Friday Agreement & McGeough's 2 Year Release

Gerry McGeough's attorney asked the NIO to allow Gerry a few hours leave on May 7th to attend his son Cormac's Holy Communion services. Both the Cardinal and the Bishop wrote letters of support on behalf of Gerry, but to no avail. The request was denied and a letter was sent to Gerry from the NIO which read:

" Your habitual criminal behavior does not instill confidence that you would refrain from further criminal activity if granted compassionate release at this time. The safety of the public is most important".

CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR? WHAT criminal behavior?

McGeough's charges were over 30 years old and were related strictly to the Troubles and prior to the GFA. The same as every other ex-provo and Loyalist! The letter further stated that his release date would be 1/29/2021? How is that possible? Under the Good Friday Agreement he is entitled to be released after serving 2 years?

Could there be ANY doubt left in anyone's mind at this point, that the tentacles of the British government, the DUP and Sinn Fein have become so tightly entwined in the selective 'criminalization' of McGeough? Not only is the NIO now trying to label Gerry a 'common criminal,' but they appear to now be reneging on the Good Friday Agreement with regard to Gerry's political prisoner status and his release in two years.

Regardless of your Irish political affiliations, the McGeough case is a blight on the Good Friday Agreement and those sworn to uphold it. Reputable over-seas newspapers have confirmed that a deal was made between the British government and Sinn Fein for ex-provos 'on the run' to receive 'Royal Pardons' in '98 and McGeough was one of those 50. Shame on Sinn Fein for allowing this to happen! They have absolutely no excuse for allowing the British government and DUP to get away with this extreme, blatant discrimination and persecution of one man and his family because he ran on an anti RUC/PSNI platform in the 2007 elections.

Write to Gerry:
Maghaberry Prison,
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper
Lisburn, NI

April 17, 2011

Gerry's wife called on Saturday to inform us that Gerry is not getting his mail or his heart medication in Maghaberry. Please continue to write to Gerry as this may be a ploy by the prison authorities to give Gerry the impression he has been forgotten about since his incarceration.

Maghaberry Prison,
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper
Lisburn, NI

Article on Gerry McGeough
Irish American News
April 2011
by Chris Fogarty

Here is my column in the April Irish American News that hit the streets today; the same day Helen McClafferty's email arrived (see it below my column) about Gerry McGeough.

Chris Fogarty

GERRY MCGEOUGH, Irish patriot and devout father of four young children has been convicted by a Diplock (juryless) court in Belfast and faced sentencing on March 18. Though Gerry’s supporters filled the courtroom nobody from the Adams/McGuinness faction attended. (For up-to-date news see McGeough is convicted of armed combat against a British Ulster Defense Regiment (UDR) soldier in 1981 in which both were wounded. The UDR was once the B-Specials whose crimes prompted such international disgust that Britain “abolished” it by changing its name to UDR. Soon thereafter, in 1992, the UDR’s stench forced the British gov’t to “abolish” it by making it part of “Royal Irish Regiment.” It is important to note here that under British rule in Occupied Ireland it is murder to kill a British soldier (an armed combatant) but law remains silent when British soldiers murder Irish noncombatants. Thus, British soldiers who perpetrated Bloody Sunday by shooting 30, mostly in the back, of which 14 died, are not charged. Nor are the named UDR/RUC/SAS car-bombers of Dublin/Monaghan in which 33 died and some 300 were maimed. Nor are the UVF bombers of McGurk’s Pub (15 dead including two children outside). Ditto UVF members who murdered hundreds of Catholics, randomly. The family of Nora McCabe (R.I.P.) permanently blinded by a rubber bullet fired through her window by a British soldier has been informed by the government that has stone-walled until now, that it is too late to prosecute. The MI5/FBI arrangers of the Omagh atrocity (29 murdered, some 200 maimed) are similarly untouchable (by attributing it to the IRA whose bomb it had been). The government and news media attributed all British atrocities to the IRA until evidence proved otherwise.

EVEN SLOW LEARNERS must now concede the folly of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). The folly was made clear in the version mailed to Irish voters prior to the 1998 referendum. The constant drumbeat of “Vote Yes For Peace” overcame the actual text that consisted of some 65 pages of aspirational posturing, mutually-contradictory statements, and bafflegab, with a half-page of clear, uncontradicted, thus enforceable, text – the part mandating the rescission of Ireland’s Constitution’s Articles 2 and 3 that had laid permanent claim to the entire island and its territorial waters. Ireland’s government did gut those Articles thus giving Ireland’s pro- British minority a veto over Ireland’s sovereignty.

BOSTON COLLEGE tape-recorded key figures from both sides about ten years ago. Some of those data are collected in “Voices from the Grave” by Edward Moloney. Half of the book is in the words of IRA-man Brendan “Darkie” Hughes; the other half by Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) leader David Irvine, both now dead. Moloney intersperses his own comments, but fails to distinguish war deaths from war crimes, thus he wrongfully equates Hughes and Irvine, though he seems otherwise unbiased. The book should be sub-titled "Final Proof for Slow Learners" (that the GFA was a sell-out). It should be read by those who didn't notice the one-sided text of the original GFA itself, or don’t know that republican prisoners are being subjected to re-criminalization and pre-hungerstrike -era torture, or hadn't noticed that Occupied Ireland has been officially re-designated from disputed territory to an undisputed province of Britain, or hadn't noticed that Gerry McGeough has just been convicted in a Diplock (juryless) court and faces imprisonment for combat with a British soldier thirty years ago, in which both were wounded, while none of the named British mass murderers of civilians are being prosecuted. The book’s protagonists, Hughes and Irvine, draw the following overall conclusions: Hughes concludes that what the GFA has wrought is a giant step backwards that wasn't worth a single life, neither those he took, nor of British soldiers, nor the hunger-strikers, nor of others who had risked all for Irish freedom. The facts support Hughes: other than in catastrophic military defeat no nation has ever before surrendered some 20% of its national territory as Ireland had done. To stop the killings? No; homicides had peaked as far back as 1972 (at 472) and dropped sharply to small numbers by 1983, fifteen years before the 1998 GFA. Hughes says that he "would have gladly taken a bullet for Gerry Adams," but due to the sell-out he “should have put a bullet in him."

IRVINE RECOUNTS how his UVF had targeted Catholics randomly (“Any Taig Will Do” graffiti was everywhere), and perpetrated many massacres, all to terrorize Catholics. Irvine, at least one RUC, and British spooks perpetrated the bloodiest day of all, the Dublin/Monaghan car-bombings that killed 34 and maimed some 300. Also the Miami Show Band bus massacre in which his men and a few SAS men stopped the bus on its way home after a Belfast gig. Dressed in uniforms, they held the musicians outside at gunpoint while surreptitiously placing a delayed-timer bomb aboard to kill Dublin innocents later while falsely implicating the band in terrorism. It exploded in the perpetrator’s hands and blew one musician across the roadside fence out of sight. He was the only Irish survivor. The surviving SAS/UVF men machine- gunned the rest of the band. The dead terrorists were Irvine’s UVF men, Wesley Somerville and Harris Boyle.

SUCH WAS David Irvine’s work that achieved the GFA. When Britain’s MI5, through Fr. Alex Reid of Belfast’s Clonard Monastery, subverted Gerry Adams, Irvine grasped the situation and participated in it. He exulted in his role in "copper-fastening Ulster to Britain." For him all his random murders of Catholics had borne fruit, having made his part of Ireland officially British. However, he describes his first triumphant trip to Washington and his chagrin when a US official explained to him why the U.S. had taken Britain's side. It wasn’t that U.S. officials shared Irvine's hatred of Catholics. It was merely that Neo-Cons were planning wars against Islam and wanted to free up the British army for use in those wars.

MORE PROOF YET that Adams/McGuinness has sold out: First be aware that the U.S. government does not trust its citizens to meet and hear Irish republicans. For more than four decades our government has refused visitors’ visas to them. It still bars them; Republican Sinn Fein’s Rory O Bradaigh remains barred. Adams and McGuinness were allowed in only after they became British operatives. Their congressional backers were our enemies who had supported Britain since 1973.

ORE: By phone from Pat Haran: “DUP leader Peter Robinson recently stated his willingness to attend a Catholic funeral Mass of a friend.” Martin McGuinness interpreted it as "Peter has addressed the issue of Mass" and consequently he (McGuinness) discourages protests against the Queen’s visit to Ireland. Is Peter’s willingness to attend a Catholic mass such a concession as to require Irish acceptance of a visit to Ireland of the Commander of British Forces? Those same British Forces were rushed to Buckingham Palace for honors by the queen only weeks after shooting dead 14 innocent civilians in Derry. Note that neither Martin nor Peter addressed the paint bombing of St. Mathews Chapel in Belfast a few nights ago by thugs loyal to HM the queen.




April 6, 2011

Gerry was sentenced to 20 years. He will be eligible for release in 2 years on license or parole, however this can be arbitrarily revoked at any time with very little legal safeguard. This is the worst part of the type of sentencing he got... the fact they can pick him up at ANY time for ANY reason they see fit.

Who gains by McGeough's incarceration?

The Diplock court has chosen to politically marginalize one ex-IRA man for an offense committed over 30 years ago, yet allow the rest of psf and loyalists to skate by untouched for worse offences. We have to look at who has to gain by McGeough’s persecution and incarceration? The “powers that be” are at play here and it has nothing to do with serving up justice 30 years later on an offence that took place during the troubles and prior to the GFA.

It needs to be noted here, as well, that Mr. Brush was no innocent bystander during the troubles himself. Look up the history of the UDR (former "B Specials) and you'll get a clear picture of exactly what Sammy Brush stood for and still stands for today; especially since he is now councilor with the infamous anti-Catholic political party, the DUP.

April 1, 2011

Gerry McGeough was not sentenced today. Judge decided to put off sentencing for another week? However, Gerry's attorney met with the sentencing commission and it looks like Gerry will be released in two years under the GFA. Gerry should NOT be serving ANY time in prison let alone 2 years.

April 1st sentencing for Gerry McGeough

Gerry McGeough's sentencing on April 1st will take place by video-conferencing so that he will not be subject to a forced strip search, as his attorney and family fear for his health.

On March 21st, date of original sentencing, Gerry wound up in the hospital with chest pains, and his family was not advised of his whereabouts until 7:00pm that evening. His wife and children were not allowed to visit with him in the hospital either, as he was held under heavy prison guard until they returned him to the prison the next afternoon.

Gerry is not in good health, and we must make every effort to see that he is not harmed while in prison, and that every effort is made to free him. He doesn't belong in prison, and this is a totally politically motivated persecution.

Please send cards/letters of support:

Gerry McGeough
Maghaberry Prison,
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper
Lisburn, NI

Action required:

Pass on information to family, friends, organizations, etc. in the New York, New Jersey and PA area about the Benefit for Gerry McGeough's Family on Saturday, May 14th at O'Lunney's Time Square Pub, 145 West 45th Street, NYC. 7:30pm until midnight. Admission $20.00 includes entertainment and complimentary buffet. Cash bar.

For tickets please call;

Helen :201-372-0333 - Tim: 516-660-7456 or Sandy: 718-436-4770.

If you can't attend the benefit, please make a donation through PayPal

or scroll down to the end of the Donate Page for instructions on making a donation by check.

Thank you,


March 21, 2011

Gerry's sentencing hearing didn't take place today. He had chest pains this morning prior to court. The prison doctor referred him to an external hospital. His attorney is pressuring the prison for further details.

March 20, 2011
Maghaberry Prison Rosary Crusade

Gerry McGeough, along with other republican prisoners, have embarked on a Rosary crusade today within Roe House. They have asked everyone to join them in the rosary, on a daily basis, for a timely withdrawal of the British from Irish soil and the re-unification of Ireland.




Gerry McGeough and Family: click to enlarge

Jailed by the BRITISH in Maghaberry in 2011 for resisting British rule as an IRA Volunteer in 1981!


Republican Prisoner, Gerry McGeough is due to attend court on Monday March 21st 2011 for sentencing in relation to an attack on a British soldier 30 years ago.

Gerry as a republican will be refusing the degrading and humiliating strip searches he would be expected to go through both going to and returning from court.

Gerry is married with four young children and has an underlying medical condition having suffered 2 heart attacks in the past. Gerry has 5 stents inserted to help alleviate his condition.

It is feared any attempt to forcibly strip Gerry could have life threatening consequences.

Gerry is to be sentenced on Friday, March 18th - please send him cards/letters of support. While we all celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th, we must remember there are IPOWs in British jails who don't belong there."

Gerry McGeough
Maghaberry Prison,
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper
Lisburn, NI

February 2, 20100

NIO Denies McGeough Pardon

NIO denies Gerry McGeough a 'pardon'. It was opposed by them on the grounds that they claimed that everyone who got pardons had served at least 2 years for the incident charged? However, Gerry's legal team believes there are a couple of cases where the person did not have to serve any time. They are researching this and hopefully they will be able to overcome their opposition. It is imperative that everyone continue to contact their local politicians and protest Gerry's politically motivated arrest/trial/verdict to begin with.

Message of Support for Gerry McGeough & Family

The Officers & membership of Friends Of Irish Freedom offer continued support to Gerry McGeough. Friends Of Irish Freedom befriended Gerry when he was first incarcerated in Germany. We supported him through his extradition to the USA and during his time in the USA.

FOIF has promoted Gerry's efforts to run for election and throughout his recent ordeal. We condemn the hypocritical farce of a trial Gerry was force to endure. We condemn politically motivated harassment of Gerry McGeough. We condemn the British-paid Quislings, P. Sinn Fein, who stand by in silence as Irish Republicans are persecuted.

We commit ourselves to supporting Gerry McGeough and his family; along with other Irish Republican Prisoners.

Cathleen O'Brien
Friends Of Irish Freedom USA

Gerry McGeough 'jailed for his beliefs' - IRISH REPUBLICAN NEWS

Gerry McGeough is the only republican to be jailed for historical crimes since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. On Friday, he was convicted of IRA membership...


On February 18, 2011, after almost 4 years of a politically motivated arrest and trial, Gerry McGeough’s case ended with a "guilty" verdict handed down by a British diplock court. McGeough is the first Irish republican to be sentenced under the GFA on troubles related charges dating back over 30 years. He is now in Maghaberry prison awaiting sentencing.

For several years, prior to McGeough’s arrest, he was living a peaceful existence with his wife and children in Tyrone until he decided to run in the Assembly Elections as an Independent candidate on an anti-PSNI platform in March of 2007. That is when Gerry’s life took a change for the worse and it has been a living nightmare for him and his family ever since. Gerry was arrested at the count center, following the poll, and he has been vindictively persecuted by the British crown ever since.

In contrast, the British government has operated a secret scheme granting royal pardons or immunity from prosecution to hand-picked ex-IRA members and Loyalists wanted for killings, bombings and other paramilitary activities. No members of the British forces are being charged or tried for their part in the 1969-98 North of Ireland conflict (the soldiers responsible for "Bloody Sunday" including those British/Orange forces behind the Dublin-Monaghan bombings).

In their obsessive need to prosecute and imprison Gerry, the British turned international political asylum refugee laws on their head by using as their chief “evidence” alleged political asylum application papers from Sweden (which are normally subjected to a 50-year confidentiality protection clause under Swedish law). The move was the first time such documents were used against a republican and now has widespread implications for the entire concept of political asylum.

To pretend that McGeough’s arrest, his almost 4 year on-going legal saga, and now his ‘guilty’ verdict, has anything to do with “justice,” is pathetic. He is being discriminated against for purely political reasons and there was a determined effort to railroad him into prison at the highest political level.

McGeough’s attorneys have filed a request with the NIO seeking a “pardon” for McGeough. People are being asked to contact their local politicians to ask them to ensure that the NIO treat McGeough equally, the same as others have been treated since the GFA, and grant him a pardon. For further details, updates and history on the case, please go to the ‘’ web site.

Helen McClafferty
Chairperson, Campaign

February 22, 2011

Right now there are two things to do:


It is imperative that EVERYONE contact their local politicians through phone calls or letters demanding they put pressure on the NIO to treat Gerry McGeough equally the same as others have been since the GFA and grant him a pardon. Gerry's arrest during the elections of 2007 was an attack on democracy.

2) Fundraiser:

I know how difficult it is for everyone financially, especially with the economy the way it is, but we have a mother and four children who are in desperate need of financial assistance. Gerry's wife Maria, and their four children, do not even have a reliable car to take them back and forth to visit Gerry in prison. In the past 4 years, due to serious court ordered restrictions, Gerry has not been able to work at anything that would have given him a sustainable income, not to mention the two heart-attacks he suffered under all the stress he has endured since his arrest in 2007. This fiasco and sham of a case/trial, and now incarceration, has financially drained him and his family almost totally.

As chair of the "" campaign, I am personally asking that everyone donate 'something' to the Gerry McGeough Family Fund so that we can at least keep Gerry's wife and four children fed, clothed and warm until Gerry is free. You can make your donation by clicking on the 'donate' button on the left. You can contribute through paypal, credit card, or by check.

If you wish to donate privately, please send me a private email @

Every penny will be accounted for, as the money will be wire transferred directly into Gerry's bank account where Maria and the children will be able to withdraw the money as they need it for their basic survival. Your kindness and generosity is so greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email address above or through the "" web site or Helen McClafferty on facebook.


Thank you so very much,

Helen McClafferty
Gerry McGeough Family Fund and

February 21, 2011

Republican Network for Unity utterly condemns the imprisonment of Gerry McGeough and asks that all principled Republicans work for his immediate release.

Gerry McGeough, a devoutly Christian man and a committed father of five, would never have faced a British court nor seen a Maghaberry cell were it not for the principled stand he took against his former party’s endorsement of the British PSNI. In his case, British justice tore the mask from the so-called ‘Peace Process’.

The message sent out from the British state via Judge Stephens to former republican POWs’ and combatants across Ireland was clear. They are considered hostages depending on their political conscience. Such a political settlement can not be considered compatible with Republican ideals.

The incarceration of Gerry McGeough demonstrates once again how the Good Friday Agreement was not an advancement of Republican ideals, and RNU reiterate our commitment to exposing the unfairness and inequality contained within, and the establishment of lasting peace and justice in a free and independent Irish Republic.

Gerry McGeough's incarceration demonstrates how the Stormont regime depends totally on the crushing of dissenting voices and RNU call for his immediate release.




It was blatantly noticeable that there was no Sinn Fein elected representatives in the diplock court on Friday, 18th February to support Gerry McGeough. However, ordinary people filled the public gallery to capacity in support of Gerry and his family. At the same time, Arlene Foster, Roger Burton and Maurice Morrow, from the DUP, cheered and smiled as a father of four was jailed. After attending their crown court in support of Sammy Brush, they walked out of court and past a mother and four crying children left on the side of the street. Now after four years, and Gerry out of the way, Sinn Fein decides to pay lip service to helping him? However, it is very apparent to those following this politically motivated trial and incarceration all these years, that this is only an attempt to salvage votes come election time.

The Justice For Gerry McGeough Committee are now launching a campaign, north and south, asking people to abstain from voting Sinn Fein in all areas, most importantly Fermanagh and south Tyrone, until Gerry McGeough is PERMANENTLY released from jail and back with his family where he belongs. "LONG LIVE THE IRISH NATION".

February 18, 2011


Gerry was found guilty on all counts and had his bail revoked and was dragged out of the court. McAnespie was found not guilty and walked. Pictures will follow tomorrow from the court.

Write to Gerry and express your SOLIDARITY with him...

Maghaberry Prison,
Ballinderry Upper
Lisburn, NI

Flood him with cards/letters.

Outside the Courthouse

February 18, 2011

British Government and PSF collusion to silence McGeough

The politically motivated arrest and now conviction of Gerry McGeough was a set up as soon as Gerry challenged PSF in the 2007 elections on an anti-psni platform at the time Adams/McGuinness were telling everyone to 'cooperate' with them. It's more than a sell out, it's treason. They worked hand and hand with the Brits to silence McGeough.

The only way to pay PSF back is at ELECTION TME and I would expect that anyone who is against injustice will give PSF the shaft they deserve when that time comes.

I can't begin to explain the sadness and disgust I feel at this time. If all these Irish republican groups, here and abroad, would put their egos in check - there is still work to be done on behalf of McGeough and all other Irish political prisoners.

In the USA, Gerry would be entitled to an appeal. I'm in the process of contacting his attorney to see what can be done.

Please continue to monitor the web site for updates and action items. An injustice of this kind (being sold out by his own comrades) should only serve to bring about a more united front against PSF, as they have proven to be the cunning cowards they are by their blatant silence with regard to his arrest and trial these past 4 years, not to mention their obvious absence from the diplock court today when Gerry's verdict was handed down.

I realize there are a number of people who do not share Gerry’s religious or political beliefs and that’s fine. However, they should not allow that to get in the way of them standing up to injustice, regardless of who the person is or what they believe. I have not been a PSF supporter since the signing of the GFA, but I didn’t let McAnespie hang out to dry in the last 4 years because he is a shinner.

Helen McClafferty


A chairde,

On the cusp of this so-called "verdict", I would like to take the opportunity of thanking all those who have stood loyally by us throughout the ordeal of these last four years.

In particular, I would like to mention Helen McClafferty, Martin Galvin, John McDonagh, Sandy Boyer and Pam Somers to name but a few of our many good friends in the United States. Among those who have stood fearlessly with us in Ireland are our friends and neighbours in the Justice for the McGeough Family Pressure Group. To all of you, and countless others, we owe a debt of gratitude.

By now, most people are aware of my position on this "legal" saga that we have endured ever since my arrest following the 2007 Assembly Elections here in the Six-Counties.

The whole thing is one massive charade, a total and utter contemptible sham. It has been a pathetic attempt by the British to intimidate and silence me; and it has failed miserably. I am not frightened by the British. I shall never be intimidated by them and even if they throw me in their jails others will speak out on my behalf. The voice of Irish Freedom and Independence will never be silenced. Our enemies have failed in their objective, regardless of the outcome of their little "verdict".

The British have no right to "rule" in any part of Ireland. Their presence in my country is illegal and immoral and it is imperative that they leave our shores immediately and forever.

I urge people not to be despondent if things go against me. Rather, avail of the opportunity to expose the cruel and vindictive nature of the British State in Ireland by organising an International Campaign to highlight the injustice of this persecution. Tyranny must not be allowed the last word.

Finally, for now, I thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. Always keep in mind the fact that no Englishman has the right to pass judgement upon any Irish Patriot on Irish soil, and by the Grace of God our Nation, and we its people, will one day soon witness an end to this evil foreign dominance of our country. May God Bless you all and Long Live the Irish Nation and its people, both at home and amongst our Diaspora. Éirinn go Brách!

Gerry McGeough
February 16, 2011

February 14, 2011

Gerry and his family have been deeply touched by the prayers, support and solidarity they have received from people both in their community and further afield over the past days. The McGeough family extends its sincere appreciation to one and all.


Gerry has been given a date for the "verdict". He is to stand before the Diplock Court's English judge on Friday, February 18th.

The "verdict" will be delivered at 2.00pm in Court 12 at the Laganside High Court in Belfast.

The Pressure Group "Justice for the McGeough Family" are asking supporters to pack the building.

Tyrone/US A.O.H. Presentations
February 2, 2011

Gerry McGeough, President of the Tyrone County Board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, makes a presentation to Seán Pender, Chairman of the American A.O.H. Freedom For All Ireland committee, during an event in Omagh on St Bridget's Night, February 1st, 2011. Jere E. Cole, National Director, American A.O.H., looks on.

January 31, 2011

While on a recent visit to Derry City, Gerry was told that people were comparing the zeal of the British in bringing him to trial on charges going back thirty-five years and their refusal to prosecute those members of the British forces involved in the killing of Belfast housewife, Nora McCabe. Mrs. McCabe was shot with a plastic bullet in the early 1980s.

Ironically, the same judge who ruled that too much time had elapsed in the McCabe case for there to be a fair trial, stating that an Abuse of Process application relating to any prosecution would most likely be successful, also ruled in Gerry's Abuse of Process application.

In relation to Gerry, he ruled that the trial could go ahead.

January 21, 2011

It has been a busy week for Gerry, following his election to the post of A.O.H. President in Tyrone, which has resulted in local radio and media coverage. Much of the coverage has revolved around the recent trial and Gerry has been greatly heartened by the wave of good-will and messages of support that he has received from people at large.

Overall, people remain bewildered and disgusted by the fact that he was put on trial in the first place.

January 16, 2011

Gerry has this evening been unanimously elected President of the Tyrone County Board of The Ancient Order of Hibernians. He has expressed delight at the development and described it as a tremendous honor.


Gerry, Maria and family extend their deepest sympathy and condolences to Mickey and Marion Harte and family on the sad and tragic death of their daughter Michaela, killed while on her honeymoon.

January 8, 2011

Imagine this:

A political candidate stands as an Independent on issues of principle during elections in Zimbabwe. Every political dirty trick and smear in the book is used against him during the campaign.

At the end of the election count, he is arrested as he leaves the Poll Count Center and taken for interrogation. The international community, with Britain taking the lead, would be in uproar squealing over the injustice of it all. Despite his high-profile during the election and before, the Zimbabwe police state that they arrested him at the Center only because they had no idea of his whereabouts prior to that date. The international media are disgusted at the pathetic excuse.

A few days later, the candidate is charged with attacks against the former Rhodesian military going back 35 years and thrown in jail. Only after a massive legal struggle is he granted bail and freed under severe restrictions. Due to these restrictions he is unable to pursue his teaching career, which has an effect on his family as he is the main breadwinner.

While his political enemies continue to slander him on the internet, he is dragged before courts every month and the case is put back for no good reason every time. Britain continues to highlight the injustice of his case and demands that all politically motivated charges be dropped.

Two-and-a-half years after his arrest, the candidate remains in legal limbo. He suffers a major heart attack. The British press and media are in uproar and demand that Robert Mugabe put an end to this vindictive political persecution.

The candidate survives the heart-attack but his health is now a source of major concern to his legal team. Regardless of this, the Zimbabwe authorities go ahead with a trial against him, which begins exactly three years to the day after his arrest.

In order to try him, a special non-jury court system is resurrected for the event, even though this system has been repealed years earlier and is notoriously corrupt. The British government is hysterical about this human rights abuse.

The trial is stopped for an Abuse of Process application. This is refused despite the excellent legal arguments in its favour.

The trial resumes six months after it first began. On the second day, the candidate is rushed to hospital for emergency heart treatment. The local national media censor all reporting on this major development. The British are outraged.

Following a surgical procedure, the trial is resumed for a third time. The charges against him involve membership of a Nationalist group and the wounding of a Rhodesian soldier during the conflict 30 years earlier.

The evidence against the candidate includes one of his novels, a stated work of fiction, which has been published and on sale for years. A chapter from this novel is read out of context in court and entered as "evidence". The international community is aghast at the idiocy of such a development, and writers' guilds around the world protest at the injustice of such Philistine behaviour.

Next, it emerges that the candidate once sought political asylum in Sweden. The Swedish government readily hand over his application papers to the Zimbabwean authorities and dispatch one of their Immigration Officials to testify against the candidate. This constitutes the prosecution's main evidence.

International Human Rights and Refugee Groups are beside themselves with fury and the UN condemns the move. The British threaten a boycott against Zimbabwe and lecture the Swedes on their treachery.

The trial ends and the candidate is told to brace himself for a twenty year sentence.

The above story is hardly imaginable. A government provokes international anger in order to pursue a vindictive, politically motivated trial against someone just because he stood in an election and articulated views that were at odds with the powers that be.

Guess what? All of this has happened, not in Zimbabwe, but in the North of Ireland, against Gerry McGeough. The only difference is that the British government, far from speaking out against the injustice, is actually responsible for it. Also, the international community, human rights groups and writers' guilds have been remarkably silent about it all. It's time we all spoke out.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The following is a copy of a letter from Owen Patterson, Britain's Secretary of State for the North of Ireland.

Letter from The RT Hon Owen Patterson MP

It comes in response to an inquiry from the Dublin MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Joe Higgins, who questioned the use of the supposedly phased out and widely discredited Diplock Court system against Gerry.

Despite the legal-speak bluster, Britain's political discomfort over the case is clearly evident in Patterson's reply.

January 1, 2011

A chairde,

On behalf of the family and myself allow me this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and to thank one and all for your continuing prayers and support.

Beannacht Dé oraibh,

Gerry McGeough

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