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December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas to all of you and your families,
The message I sent last week was in relation to the trial. They have given us a date of February 2nd for the opening of the Diplock trial. We are due to have a baby on February 1st. Our struggle now is to have this date changed as my wife needs me around during this crucial period. After 28 years, British vindictiveness can surely wait a little longer.

In addition, new charges have been added to the list. I am now also charged with membership of the Provisional IRA in 1975 when I was the ripe old age of sixteen.

Thanks for all your help and God Bless.


November 26, 2008

Gerry McGeough appeared in court again today in Belfast. Things look good for Vincent McAnespie, the Irish Republican who was arrested along with Gerry in March 2007, as the main charge against him is about to be dropped. We wish him the best.

However, in contrast, Gerry McGeough was arraigned and may face trial alone next year. The question here is, why is the Crown so harshly pursuing Gerry on the same charges they are about to drop against Vincent McAnespie?


September 22, 2008

Gerry McGeough's publication, The Hibernian Magazine, has been closed due to the continued harassment/house arrest and continued severe constraints imposed on Gerry by the British Crown. It will be two years come April 2009 that Gerry was arrested for trumped-up politically motivated charges dating back 25 years ago, and he has still not been brought to trial and his persecutors have not been able to prove their case against him to date. However, he continues to remain under house-arrest and is subject to almost daily appearances in court now while he sits and waits for the British crown to fly in retired RUC from all over the world to give testimony against him. The Diplock Court is most certainly still alive and thriving in the north of Ireland.

The Hibernian Magazine was a refreshing and rare publication in today's society when "anything goes" and loyalty and love of one's country and religion are something of the past - something to be mocked and ashamed to speak about. The Hibernian Magazine was not only dedicated to the reunification of Ireland and all that is Irish, but it was also dedicated to Catholicism and it was NOT "politically correct", which made it stand out both in Ireland and abroad.

Please pass this information on to everyone you know and tell them about the web site. We cannot allow Gerry to become, yet another victim, of the British crown and their Diplock courts.


July 31, 2008

Gerry McGeough was in court again today. The PE (Prelimenary Enquiry) is set to begin on September 1st. It involves the cross-examination of witnesses. The British are flying in ex-RUC personel from Russia, Washington DC and other locations. They are clearly prepared to go to considerable expense in trying to establish a case against Gerry, which they have not been able to accomplish since March of 2007.

Write, phone or e-mail:
Shaun Woodward-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (NORTHERN IRELAND OFFICE)
Block B Castle Buildings,
Stormont Estate,
Belfast Northern Ireland BT4 3SG

General Enquiries:
Tel: (028) 9052 0700 Fax: (028) 9052 3333)

Press Enquiries:
Belfast Tel: (028) 9052 2077

... ask him how this type of activity can be justified when British agents are not being similarly prosecuted ?


Sinn Fein
44 Parnell Square
Dublin 1
Tel: (353) 1 8726100/8726932
Fax: (353) 1 8733441

Sinn Féin
53 Falls Road
Belfast, BT12 4PD
Tel: 02890 223000
Fax: 02890 223001

And this is what they call "justice" in the north of Ireland?


July 10, 2008

Gerry was in court again yesterday. He was given an adjournment for another three weeks while the prosecution attempts to assemble more papers for its case.

This case should have been thrown out of court by now as the prosecution has failed to prove it's case against Gerry McGeough for more than a year and a half now.

However, the prosecution continues to stall and postpone Gerry's right to at least an expedient trial in lieu of throwing the entire case out, which is what should have been done six months ago, when the judge realized that the Prosecution had failed to produce a shred of evidence to substantiate their arrest of Gerry McGeough in the first place.



Gerry McGeough appeared in court again on Tuesday 5/27 only to have his case postponed again until June 27th at which time the British crown said they are going to set a trial date for the Fall based on alleged evidence submitted to them by the Dublin government? Gerry's attorney's are outraged and sources close to them feel that the British crown is trying to use Gerry as a "scape-goat" to set a precedent for them to be able to now go after anyone once associated with the IRA who is still on the run both abroad and in America even re-opening the file on the murder of a British Captain Robert Niarac. Please get this word out to your contacts and please continue to check the web site for updates. Gerry's case should be of VERY SERIOUS CONCERN TO ALL Republicans regardless of what political party they support in the north of Ireland.


May 23, 2008

Gerry McGeough appeared in court on 5/16 and no one from the prosecution side showed up. Gerry's case was then postponed until May 23. As of today, 5/23/08, Gerry has been given another postponement until May 28th.

The prosecution has failed to prove their case/charges against Gerry in over a year now and yet this arrogant and blatant continuation of postponement after postponement is nothing more than sheer harassment and arrogance by the PSNI/RUC.

It's time to set Gerry McGeough free and dismiss this case once and for all. It's turned into a circus performance by a bunch of clowns representing the British crown. Why hasn't Sinn Fein spoken out about this injustice?

It would be great if all of you emailed or wrote Gerry Adams and asked him EXACTLY what Sinn Fein is doing to HELP Gerry?


Sinn Fein
44 Parnell Square
Dublin 1
Tel: (353) 1 8726100/8726932
Fax: (353) 1 8733441

Sinn Féin
53 Falls Road
Belfast, BT12 4PD
Tel: 02890 223000
Fax: 02890 223001

And this is what they call "justice" in the north of Ireland?


May 12, 2008

Write, Call or Fax
William C. Thompson Jr.
Comptroller of the City of New York
1 Center Street,
New York, New York 10007
Phone: (212) 669-3500
Fax: (212-669-2707


Also, please contribute to Gerry’s Family Fund


May 1, 2008

Why should Americans fund British persecution in Ireland?

Americans are now being asked to invest tax-dollars in the British controlled North of Ireland, but are we being told the full truth about what is going on there?

Some months ago, the British government announced that none of its soldiers or police operatives would ever face prosecution for their involvement in the killing of Catholic civilians, either directly or through collusion with loyalist paramilitaries, during the period of conflict known as the Troubles.  Yet ten years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, when everyone is being asked to “move-on”, the British government continues to hound and attempt to prosecute Irish Republicans for incidents that allegedly occurred decades ago during those same Troubles.

Last year, Tyrone man Gerry McGeough stood as an Independent Republican during the March 2007 Assembly Elections. As he left the count center in Omagh following the poll, McGeough, who is the editor of The Hibernian magazine, was arrested in a major RUC/PSNI operation with the mass-media only yards away. The very public arrest was an act of blatant political intimidation.  Gerry was interrogated and charged with the wounding of a British soldier during the Hunger Strikes in 1981. He was thrown in prison and only got bail after an intense legal struggle.

More than a year later, he and his family face continued persecution from the British authorities. His movements are restricted by tough bail conditions and the family is kept under regular surveillance. Although they have not produced a shred of evidence against him, the British require Gerry to make regular court appearances and they propose to set a trial date for him this month in a case that is now 27-years-old and which they have shown no interest in before prior to his running for election in 2007.

How does any of this help the Peace Process? By nurturing such vengeful injustice the British are sowing the seeds of future Rebellion. Why should Americans invest-in and fund this kind of misrule?

Please write, phone or e-mail:Shaun Woodward-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (NORTHERN IRELAND OFFICE Block B Castle Buildings, Stormont Estate, Belfast Northern Ireland BT4 3SG General Enquiries Tel: (028) 9052 0700 Fax: (028) 9052 3333) Press Enquiries Belfast Tel: (028) 9052 2077... ask him how this type of activity can be justified when British agents are not being similarly prosecuted and why should US dollars finance any of this?”

Please also contact William C. Thompson Jr, Comptroller of the City of New York, 1 Centre Street, New York, NY 10007 Phone: (212) 669-3500 Fax: (212) 669-2707 and advise his office of this terrible injustice before taxpayer dollars are invested in Northern Ireland.  For more information go to web site.


April 2, 2008

From the Fermanagh Herald:

A date for a Preliminary Enquiry into the case against a candidate in the Fermanagh/South Tyrone election has been fixed for 21 May this year.

Gerry McGeough, who stood as an Independent Republican for this constituency in last year's Assembly elections, faces trial on the charge of the attempted murder of a part-time UDR man in June 1981.

McGeough from Carrycastle Road, Gortmerron, Dungannon, was dramatically arrested after leaving the elections results count at Omagh Leisure Centre. Later that day, his co-accused, Vincent McAnespie (45) of Aghabo Close, Aughnacloy, was also arrested.

The case against the two men has experienced a number of difficulties and delays. These led to Resident Magistrate, John Meehan issuing a warning to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to deliver results or he would dismiss the charges without prejudice.

At the most recent hearing, a defence solicitor said he was satisfied progress was being made and the case was now back on target. A lawyer for the PPS said the Investigating Officer was due to travel to Sweden to retrieve a file from the Immigration Office. All other information, including details sought from Germany had now been received. A date for both McGeough and McAnespie to face Preliminary Enquiry has been fixed for 21 May, after which the case moves to trial at Crown Court.


March 17, 2008
News: John McDonagh will interview Gerry McGeough on-air Monday, March 17th between 12:30-3:00pm EST. You can listen to the stream here.

In this week's Irish Voice:


Since the Stormont Assembly elections in March of last year several prominent Republicans, many from the East Tyrone area, have been subjected to arrest and on-going intimidation by the British crown.

An Independent Republican candidate opposed to the RUC/PSNI, Gerry McGeough, was actually arrested at a count centre in Tyrone while the votes were being counted in March 2007.  Despite having campaigned openly for weeks, appearing regularly on television and live radio, the British crown claimed that it was the first opportunity they had to arrest him.   Gerry was interrogated for days and subsequently charged with participation as an IRA volunteer in a gun battle with British crown forces.  He and other Republicans were flung in jail and it was only after a number of weeks and a considerable legal struggle that Gerry managed to secure release on bail.

Since his release Gerry has, on average, appeared in court on a monthly basis for over a year now. At each appearance the “crown” has failed to produce any evidence against him and on every occasion his case is put back for another month or so. In the meantime, he is obliged to live his life under heavy bail restrictions, which affect all the family.  In addition to this, he and his family have been subjected to intense surveillance and harassment from the British authorities, and his lawyers have catalogued a long list of incidences. One recent example involved a massive British military helicopter landing beside the rural school that two of Gerry's young children attend just as pupils were being collected by their parents. Personnel on board took photographs before the helicopter took off.

Ten years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement when is the nationalist nightmare REALLY going to end?  Go to the web site for details/updates and to make a donation to help Gerry’s family. 

Thank you

  Helen McClafferty & Martin Galvin

February 26, 2008
Gerry McGeough returned to court again today, February 26, 2008 only to have his case put back for three more months. The PSNI has failed to prove its case against Gerry after almost one year now, yet the court has not thrown the case out - which further attests to the fact the diplock court system still remains in place in the north of Ireland. It appears now it is becoming nothing more than a "payback" to Gerry for not falling in line with the new "policing policies" during his campaign as an Independent candidate in last March's 2007 elections in South Tyrone.


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